Dovesty Wilderness Frontier

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  1. Dovesty Wilderness Frontier!

    The Dovesty Frontier was founded on the 25th June 2014 on SMP2, and we're looking for YOU to be apart of it! Originally, we had intended this place to be a 2 man operated frontier, but then we found that we are having trouble with intruders coming and stealing our stuff, we have already had 1 person banned and 1 return all the stuff back for there foolish actions.

    So, we are looking for people to come down here and create a fantastic community outside of town, were anyone can build whatever they desire, without any restrictions! So far, we have 5 beacons, providing Regeneration, Haste II, Resistance II, Speed II, Jump Boost II and Strength. These beacons will help us build and stay healthy while we're here.

    If you would like to join, PM me either in game, or on the forums, you can also reply to this post!

    Okay, so we already have 1 lookout town, sort of like a light house. We also have a farm, which needs to be completed. We are in the middle of making an XP grinder for public use.


    No Stealing!
    No Griefing!
    Obey EMC Rules!
    Have Fun!



    Unique items of some quantities can be worth a currency only the frontier use, which will be monitored to get you promotions and prizes. The currency will be called DTek. For example, if you give 6 diamonds, you got 12 DTek.

    So, what are you waiting for? Ask to join now!
  2. Hmm, what happened to JayZognia?
  3. That's my friends, he did it on my account though like a silly man.
  4. Heh.
    My Neore 2.0 project didn't get far.
    Currencys outside rupee don't work.
  5. The DTek system is presumably not a currency, but a reward system, based on Points in Concordia, an invention of mine.