Double Chest Of Enderpearls

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  1. Selling a double chest full of enderpearls, starting bid at 500Rupees if you wish to participate pm me either in-game or here and meet me at 933 SMP1
  2. Auction will end exactly 24 hours after the final bid is made, unless of course I am either offline or busy.
  3. 525rupees
  4. 1.2k also please add a min bid if this is a auction
  5. Wanna share?
  6. no :p
    and i believe i won, paying now.
  7. Right, well if you pay now ill have to give you the pearls in a few days, as I don't have access to my computer and are posting this off my iPad.
  8. That's fine and I payed yesterday , check your rupee history
  9. I did, may be a week or so but I won't let you down, gonna get a temporary computer
  10. Ok thanks, I can wait
  11. any luck with your computer?
  12. Im at school now gonna put u an access sign, just got to 933
  13. ,sorry, school computers dont support mojang software, just keep checking 933ill try get it as soon as possible
  14. Ill try get the access sign put on at 2:10
  15. Wat time zone? It's 3 pm where i live
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.