Don't sneeze while fighting creepers

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  1. So I was out in the smp1 wastelands and I was casually fighting creepers and such, when Three of them showed up. I had a great sword and armor so I wasn't really worried, but then I sneezed and it all went wrong, my mouse flew off my desk (Still don't know how that happened), I got blown up by all 3 and then shot by many skeletons. Sneezing isn't fun for me.

    That was a very random post, oh well.
  2. When's the funeral? I wish to pay my respects to such outstanding armor and weaponry that gave their lives, although they were unsuccessful in their mission, to protect you.
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  3. It may not be the "bravest" or most "honorable" method, but should you find yourself alone and overwhelmed by mobs, disconnect. It will unload your area and cause the mobs to despawn.
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  4. I've done that once, but I felt bad. and after that I died anyways XD
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  5. Psh, I'm more of those #Yolo people.
    Anyways, Sounds cool! Hope that you got revenge :p
  6. I can only imagine how that went.
    "Ah... AH-CHOO!" *kaboom* - *KABOOM* - *KABOOM!!!*
    Every other mob in a 50-block radius is like "Damn, get that guy a kleenex..."
  7. It was also A very, very Violent sneeze, surprised brains weren't all over my keyboard
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  8. That made me laugh, like a little too much.
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  9. Hope you weren't fighting mobs at the time.....
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  10. xD laughing so hard, oh my god.. i'm sorry for your death.. i am, i'm sorry... laughing is a terrible thing. i just completely lost it at my mouse flew off my desk xD hahaha oh lord... sorry.

    are you okay? ^_^
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  11. I didn't see any brains, so I believe I'm fine :D
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  12. Triple creeper party? I walked into a quad.
    I was walking (armorless) in the wild to find the smp7 end portal, only food on me.
    I see a creeper ahead, I sprint past it, and it blows up, but I only lose 2 hearts, all is good, right?
    Ok, I find a little house, torches on the inside, so I jump in, eat a baked potato (graciously provided by battmeghs, to whom I must ask, why a DC of potato?), and wait for my health to regenerate.
    As I look out the window to find any potential threats, it seems that behind me, there's a hole in the roof. And on that roof, 4 creepers just happened to spawn, and decided to have a nice party. Smelling me, with all my nice things (not much) they decided to drop trough the hole, single file. I don't know what their AI did, but the fourth was already down when I turned around and saw the first about to explode. That moment of fear you get when you turn around in a closed area with a hissing sound behind you, despite your armor and fancy weapons? This was worse. Bang, bang, bang, bang! You died!
    So I must ask, EMC spawning mechanics, why do you hate me? Mojang, I presume you coded that exception into the code just to torture me, right? In any case, I lost 57 baked potatoes that night, alongside what was left of my soul.
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  13. I'm sorry for you loss of potatoes, for I am in love with them and actually in a serious relationship with one, I also hope one day you will find your soul from those evil creepers.
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  14. My soul blew up, but legend has it that those potatoes still rotate silently in a pit, far from here, waiting for their master...
  15. Lol, reminds me of the time I was running along a narrow cobble path above badly griefed wilderness. I stop to check the livemap and check i'm going the right direction. I come back to see an enraged creeper just appearing on the path coming my way. So I figure, i'll just run past em right? I sprint at him, and hit 'jump' as i get close, in case he explodes and i can just clear the gap and keep going. LOL Bad move!

    I jump as I sprint past, and his explosion slams me high into the air and to the side. I fall down into some random torn up ravine, only to find more creepers and skeletons. Already low on HPs from an exploding creeper and huge fall, I turn and sprint the other way into a freakin spider mineshaft.

    I don't know how, but I survived that ordeal. Walled myself into a 1x1 hole and ate some steak.

    Moral of the story, never jump in an explosion! :)

    At least they're not as bad as Nether hounds... *cringe*