[ Donations Needed ] Redstone Outpost

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  1. Hello EMC,
    Some of you know I own an outpost with SkeleTin007 and TromboneSteve, this outpost is something we plan on making big. When we finish building Redstone Outpost we plan on it being the most hi-tech outpost on EMC, and as you all know starting an outpost is expensive just for building blocks but we will need more than that because we plan on having a lot of redstone machines which is even more expensive. We need donations and lots of them weather they be redstone or building materials. If you would like to donate please start a PM conversation on the forums with MustangLover25, SkeleTin007, and TromboneSteve.

    Anyone who donates will be mentioned in the city's museum with a description of what they did to contribute to the outpost weather it be donating or helping build you will be mentioned.

    Note: If you would like to donate building blocks we prefer red, white, and silver as they are the official colors of the outpost.
  2. Ill donate
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  3. Great just start a PM conversation with MustangLover25, SkeleTin007, and TromboneSteve. :)
  4. Can u do that I can't really I don't have the time..
    Thx <3
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