Donations needed for Obsidian castle project!

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  1. Hello,
    I am currently working on making a gigantic Obsidian castle on my res, which will house all of my farms, along with some other buildings. I will accept Obsidian blocks, diamonds, and rupees only. If I get enough diamonds, I may be able to throw in a few diamond blocks to the castle! Now, this will be an amazing creation that will be an attraction for everybody. If you are donating rupees, just pay twinchicken86 your desired amount. If donating diamonds or obsidian, tell me you are coming to donate, then do /visit 12102. Stay there, and hand me the donation.
    Donate anything, and you will become a "wool donator" and get on my donating wall.
    Donate 1 diamond, 10 obsidian, or 100 rupees, and you will become an "iron donator" and get on my wall of iron donators.
    Donate 3 diamonds, 25 obsidian, or 250 rupees, and you will be a "gold donator" and get on my gold donating wall, and get a free stack of melon slices.
    Donate 5 diamonds, 45 obsidian, or 450 rupees, and become a "diamond donator" to get onto my diamond donating wall, and you get a free stack of cactus, a free stack of melon slices, AND I will build a state-of-the-art farm for you on your res if you are on SMP6. Diamond donators also get a private house in my castle once I have it built. (Diamond donator slots are limited to 5.)
    Every donation helps!
    (The reason I need diamonds is so that I can make diamond pickaxes to harvest obsidian.)
  2. For some reason I always felt that half the amazement of people builds was the fact they had to gather everything.

    Almost anyone can build in creative type of thing.

    But, good luck to your project.
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  3. Sorry you can't donate, but thanks anyway.
    I also recently made an obsidian generator, and am accepting redstone donations as well. 5 redstone is 1 obsidian donation credit.
  4. I will definatley be donating to this amazing castle. I will at least reach iron donater :D. Anyway I'll be sure to check in on the castle soon. Bye!
  5. Will you donate rupees, obsidian, or diamonds? Any of them helps. You will also be the first donator! Special recognition for you!
  6. Ill donate 64 obsidian, tell me when its ok.
  7. Alright, thanks so much. I'll be on around 6:00 Mountain Time on SMP6. You will be one of five Diamond Donators!
  8. Could you just leave a chest, im in CET time
  9. actually, i saw that u havnt even started, srry, im not donating anything, uve gotta hav started, u know, invest some urself, i cud also build a castle if everybody just gave me obsidian, srry :S
  10. I will try to donate and get a diamond supporter thingy thanks twinchicken by the way how's the shop going
  11. The shop is going pretty well. I recently moved it into a bigger building, and made some various farms. Reduced prices too!
  12. The reason I haven't started yet is because I haven't been on in two days, and was occupied doing a big job for someone. It will be started soon, as I have some obsidian from my generator.
  13. A slice of melon is worth 2r for the record

    obsidian is really expensive. Nether brick looks better

    EDIT: ill donate 450 rupees when i get unbanned Sat.
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  14. I think I might donate. Are you still building it? My friend knows a cool obsidian making trick so you don't need to use an infinite amount of lava just lots of redstone, a bit of lava and a bit of water. i don't actually know how he did it but it was really cool.
  15. I have an obsidian generator that works the same way. And, I won't start it for awhile, as I first need to move my farms underground.
  16. I know, I know, it's been awhile and I haven't been able to start. I have been so preoccupied with digging out the giant underground chamber for my farms that I haven't been able to start building yet.
  17. If you need storage, I've got some chests in my res.
  18. No, it's OK. I've got plenty of space.
  19. Sorry I couldn't be first donator but tommorow I WILL donate promise:p. Rupees by the way I have LOADS of 'em I'll donate 1000 or less sorry if can't make 1000
  20. Has building started I will donate once project is underway