Does sorgina's gem affect normal drops or not?

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  1. From the witch's gem page:

    From the linked luck wiki page:
    So, does the luck effect affect all loot (like the first quote says) or only loot bonuses from custom mobs (like the second link says)?

    Said otherwise, will I get more shulker shells from shulkers (not enraged) with the gem or not?
    Or, from here
    Is this chance increased by the gem?
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  2. I believe that the luck attribute/potion effect only apply to something with a drop table or a loot table. So this would not apply to the typical vanilla mobs, villager trades, or chicken egg hatching.

    Luck as stated on the wiki does only apply to fishing, loot chests, and customized mobs with a unique drop table.
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  3. I am confuse.

    mobs don't have a drop table? what is a "drop table" then?
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  4. from that page:
    and if you scroll down, all normal mobs are listed, so I would understand that they should be affected by luck, given your statement that
    and your source confirms that all mobs have one such table, no?
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  5. So this could affect wither skeleton head drops?
  6. that's a good question. on one side the answer is no, on the other is yes. :confused:
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  7. I remember this same type of question came up about the lucky rabbit's foot and Krysyy said it did not help with mob drops like wither skelly heads. Might be like that.
  8. do you have a link to that?
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  9. Man, that was a long time ago. Around when they were first introduced. Sorry I don't.
  10. Well, usually people are helped out more quickly here. :p
    I didn't know the answer either, and was apologising, and then I decided that I should just do some research myself. I can't find anything about luck not applying to mobs, so I think it does affect mob drops! The Witch's Gem page also suggests so, as you pointed out. I do agree that the second quote is confusing. The Wiki page is about changes from Vanilla, but luck applies to fishing and loot chests in the vanilla game too... there's something to be clarified there! Once we know the answer. :p
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  11. I just reread the Lucky Rabbit's Foot thread. There was confusion about it there too. xD
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  12. if someone with a lvl 4 gem wants to do some testing, I won't stop them :D
    or if they want to lend me the gem and have me do the testing, I won't complain ;)
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  13. In vanilla Minecraft, the luck enchantment or attribute only affects fishing treasure.
    However mob loot tables and generated chest can have the luck attribute be affected by them if a map maker or server developer chooses to do so, which (I assume) is the case in EMC.

    Xisuma explaining vanilla luck:
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  14. I've done a test.

    Killed 64 withers at diff 10 without gem, and then 64 with a gem lvl 2.


    - Nether stars in line with expectations (~1.5 per wither)
    - Slightly more diamonds with gem (160 vs 133 blocks)
    - 10 torches, 6 gold ingots, 1 bread with gem (no other drops without gem)

    Final comment:

    solid meh. Seriously, 64 withers for 10 torches, 6 gold ingots and 1 bread? Definitely not worth it at lvl 2.

    If someone would like to lend a lvl 4 gem for an hour or so (the lvl 2 one was not mine and I already returned it), please let me know in pm.
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  15. There is one test that I have done with the gem that might help. It wasn't a very strict mathematical test, but I just noted general results. I used a creeper farm with a gem at different difficulty levels. I was going for head drops, not gunpowder. The key for the head drops and other items (torches, steak, bread, arrows) was using difficulty 5. I would recommend repeating testing with and without the gem on difficulty 5 and see if that makes a difference.
  16. meh, I'm not going to go for 128 wither kills on diff 5 without some staff guaranteeing that it compensates for the diff diff (see what I did there?). Those are 64 beacons left there for no great reason otherwise.
    Some farms maybe, but not wither kills.
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  17. EMC has an entirely different luck system


    As for the topic at hand, I know the Witch's Gem page is a bit outdated in that there is now a luck "effect" and a luck "attribute", and that it (either does or doesn't) work on high difficulties... I don't have any way of testing it myself, which is why the page hasn't been updated in a while; if you can extensively test Witch's Gems at differing difficulties and stuff, please PM me with any relevant information that should be changed. :)
  18. Thanks for your contribution, waffle! :D
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  19. just a small update on another test.

    this the drops with a lvl 4 gem in the off hand while defeating 64 withers on diff 10: