Do we have any loyal The Last of Us fans out there? :D

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Leafjosiah9, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Come on, there's gotta be someone out there with a PS3 and The Last of Us. Whatcha like about the game?
  2. It made me cry. Have you played the 2nd part? The Left Behind?
  3. Really good story, I've played it about 3 times.
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  4. Yeah! :D The story was amazing and Left Behind made me cry, as did the first part. You guys should also try the multiplayer. Who's ur favorite character?
  5. Ellie of course, I've played the multiplayer but I'm not a big fan of it.
  6. Riley coz she is a kool kat and seems sassy.
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  7. This game is more heavy set on story base. It's like assassins creed, good singleplayer.. Crappy multi xP
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  8. Really enjoyed the game. Loved the way the story was set up and everything, the fighting style was interesting at some points. But overall very good :)
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  9. Yeah, I loved it a ton. The story was just so emotianally charged at so many points.......
  10. I like Ellie cuz she's a non sexualized girl in a video game for once and shes totally kick donkey..