Do I Update? (1.4.7)

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  1. Basically short and simple, I was asked to update to 1.4.7 ... will I still be able to play (unaffected) with it updated?

  2. You COULD, but it might mean bye to EMC for a while.
  3. Okay, thanks; guess i'll wait to update then, unless if given further notice :D
  4. its safe :)
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  5. Already? But... Now I have to wait for all of my mods to update!
  6. Right, its not a server update. Just a client side update. Its highly recommended that you do it, because client side fixes are aimed to making your guys' experience better. All mods will be updated soon I'm sure. I do not think much was changed. But, just watch for updates.
  7. Alright I'm updated ... what about optifine - do you know if it's updated or not?
  8. Well like ISMOOCH said, if it's just a client side update, you should be fine.
  9. It is if you're using Ultra B2 - I'm pretty sure.

    Only fixes 3 bugs :)
  10. actually, optifine is already updated and works with the 1.4.7 update, as long as you have the new A3 version, rei's mini map for 1.4.6 is also compatible with 1.4.7...
    even matmos for 1.4.6 is compatible.

    i didn't have to update anything! :)

    i don't have that version, and it still works.
  11. yeh - i was last using ultra A2 ... and after i updated it messed up my text again to a different font.
  12. Everyone can update and 1.4.6 mods still work on 1.4.7.

    VERY tiny update.

    I've been on 1.4.7 for a week or so now.
  13. I found the problem lol - When i updated - in the jar it added META-INF again .... so when i tried updating optifine it practically was like i didn't install it - so i caught myself and deleted META finally and installed it again - My font is fine now - and now i'm updated optifine and minecraft :D
  14. Just added that in case, because I only saw it on the latest version :)
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  15. I suggest using magic launcher, makes installing mods much easier.
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  16. indeed it does, its a life saver [heart]
  17. Guess I do everything difficult then, huh? I used modloader and go into the .jar everytime to try and fix my problems and installing optifine i guess.
  18. Hmm, can't connect now... Has it anything to do with the update?
  19. I think 1,2, and 8 all crashed - i can't go on either.
  20. It can't do.

    It would seem so, they're the only ones with no players