Distress Signals in the Frontier

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  1. If you are in trouble, and need immediate assistance, why not use a distress signal?

    The official distress signal in the frontier is a red firework. Always carry one with you in case you get into trouble and need help. This is especially helpful if there are people nearby

    Make sure that you try to go with another person in the frontier so that you always have someone with you in case you are attacked by mobs, and always carry a distress rocket
  2. I think that's a good idea! If you need assistance you may not be able to check the coords and have the other person check their coords! I support!
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  3. Sounds cool. Now, where did I put my firework...
  4. What a firework?
  5. A fish??
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  6. would be cool if when you died a flare went up to tell others nearby where you are
  7. Your picture scares me...
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  8. smart idea!
  9. i like it, will be carrying red fireworks with me
  10. make sure they have loud sounds
  11. Brilliant idea, although this would be constantly spammed, perhaps you can use it each MC day or pay a substantial amount of rupees?
  12. i think if you send up other colored fireworks they are just like hey I'm here, but if you do a red one its distress, could fix spamming
  13. Tip: When making distress fireworks, use 3 gunpowder for the rocket and add diamonds and glowstone dust to the star- anything to make it more visible.
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  14. In less than 1 month I may be selling distress rockets in limited supply
  15. I know Im late to the party here, but... If someone was within firework range, wouldn't they be within wild/wasteland local chat range?
  16. ^
  17. What if they are further away, and no one hears them. Good idea untill your out of distance for someone to hear you
  18. i use em when i have someone following me, they get lost and i go "look for the flare"
  19. How much will they be?
  20. when i do sell them, they will be 100r each