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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ForeverMaster, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Hello EMC, it's Byeforever.
    In late January 2014, I had released the application for my in-game company, Forever. Since then, I have found problems with it and thought of making changes.

    So, I made this thread for everyone to discuss about Forever Co. in one place!

    About Forever Company:

    Yet again, my members aren't meeting my goals with Forever Company; but what's the issue? Why is this happening where I'm being the only trustworthy member to participate in company projects?

    My dream of this company was to have people that I could create together with, but that hasn't happened. The EMC Build Team was a possibility to make this dream happen, but the others members have been doing a single role on their own, which isn't necessary bad, but what if someone like me wants help? There won't be any.

    Anyway, I believe the main cause is from people who aren't knowledgeable enough. I'm giving them demands to produce work that seems impossible to achieve because of lack of knowledge, confidence, etc. I think this could solved by:

    A: raise expectations to join Forever Co.
    B: raise exposure to information for members and newcomers.

    I got most of my knowledge from the Minecraft Wiki and YouTube. I had also expressed the info in my Building Guide series.
    So, those are some options for you.

    Q: What else could work to improve Forever?