1. Ok so I need someone on res# 12532 to dig me out my whole res all thw way down to bedrock! no dirt at all in the res+ i need all the dirt back too! But I have been really busy and dont have the time to do it and I need someone to do it for me!

    - 9,000r, including shovels
    -13k no shovels

    So if anybody is willing to do it COMMENT first come first serve!
  2. When does it have to be done by?
  3. 3 days starting september 31! ending at idk october maybye dont know my months/days
  4. There is no Sept 31st, and my time, it's Oct 1st xD
  5. K so i quess october 3 it neeeds to be done are you doing you have shovels or i need to suoolie them?
  6. I'll take the 9K job 'cause I don't think I'd have enough shovels myself xD
  7. k i will have a chest with a access sign and give you perms to the res i need to have the job done on time plse or i ahve to pm you about payment options if you dont get the job done on time,if you quit out early depending on the work you did i will pay you half