Digging Job - Earn 10.75k

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  1. No messing around here - the job is to dig a 60x60 hole to bedrock, or close, for 10,57k. I do not mind if you and another person complete this together, to split the money.

    BUT before saying 'I want!' you need to understand that:
    1. If 1 person does not put in their fair share of work, they will miss out on their share of the money, no matter how much you have dug up.
    2. If you finish half of the job, YOU WILL NOT BE PAID!
    3. Y0u are given 2 weeks to dig this, and if you finish after e.g.. 1 week, you will be paid an extra 7000r - depending on how many days you take off the 2 weeks to complete.

    So if you have read and understand these terms, please consider. :) Remember: No finish, No money.

    Please post in the thread if you are interested, and first person can complete with other people that want in. (Max 5 people). Will PM you and co.
  2. I was afraid of that. :/ TNT time.
  3. Wait.Do you get 10.000 or 175.000?
  4. Get efficiency V shovel.
  5. breaks after the first 3 floors... ~ 50 more to go.. good luck :D
  6. Then get 25 efficiency V unbreaking III diamond shovels, lol.
  7. nah.. just go wit TNT.. it's much more fun too :)
  8. ..And limited and expensive ;/
  9. Well amm, I have done 6 x 60 digging before with assistance and digging through those dirts through weeks... I don't know. I had enough of digging dirts, still need to make dig my res' dirt.

    Be nice if someone can make some kind of machine with redstones that automatically digs dirt. :D
  10. I could do it but it is gonna take way longer than you think....
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  11. I will take it if no one has
  12. I could help you get some TNT if you want? For free too, I just want to watch it go boom :D
  13. Can i instead get supplied with TnT and make all the redstone and blow it up for you. I will do it for only 1,000r-1.000 r
  14. *1.000 rupees to 1.000 rupees
  15. Me and my roommate are willing to work on this, we have time to spare and can get it done way under the provided time That is if the job is still available.
  16. **1,000 rupees to 1.000 rupees

    Sorry for a double correction
  17. who ever takes this job is crazy :D
    i just recommend to you guys. do some math before thinking of it ;)
  18. 10k for that job is bananas. If i was an EMC worker 100k might make me think about it lol
  19. Well this job took me around 1 month...
    and that was with dozens of people helping me work on this lot (altogether) By setting up chests for everyone working.
    I say, either use Tnt or may multiple people to do it.
  20. tbh i can zone out and work on something like this for hours on end dont really find it boring tnt just brings fun to the party :D