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  1. Someone keeps destroying the monster spawner-killing thing near the south out post on smp1. It got fixed today and someone's already destoyed it again. I was just wondering if anyone knows who it is or if its you to please stop it. Thanks.
  2. by destroyed do you mean random holes in the giant spawner in the sky? cause thats cause by endermen. and whenever i use it, i try to leave it in better condition than i left it.(i added that bed if its still their XD)
  3. No, the obsidian has been dug up, and the hole blocked up and passages destroyed/ blocked up. Earlier today, someoen had also put water coming down from the hole in the spawner sending all the monsters everywhere
  4. some people just have no respect for other's hardwork >.>
  5. well since its in the wild, they say unless there is LEGIT proof, they dont do anything about it. the empire guide even says to build in the wild at your own risk, and that the only safe place to build is your lot in town, sorry :/
  6. Yeah, I know theyre allowed to do it but I just dont see the point, its useful and im guessing even theyd use it.
  7. yeah, there already is 2 HUGE monster spawners (public, never been greifed) on smp1, they are both by the same person ( i think his name is zegrithedas) and the main one is called the OoO and the other one is a huge square in the sky.

    P.s. the OoO means The Octahedron
    of Oblivion
  8. where are they?
  9. on smp1, south outpost, there is a thread named "The Octahedron
    of Oblivion" which includes the location
  10. Yeah thats the one Im on about. Its been griefed twice today, quite badly but been repared-sortof
  11. WHAT? the OoO was greifed!?
  12. Yes. Its not too bad now, just looks abit of a mess compared to what it was.
  13. wow, im really angry :/
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  14. i replaced the doors earlier and they got stolen again -.- and yeah, who ever they are, are idiots.
  15. The other one is at east outpost, quite near spawn, and looks like a large cube of dirt.
  16. Go get them tshack! kick their butts! :trollface:
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  17. yeah, ive been there, why would someone grief it, its amazing. I used it so many time, i even wandered in a Enderman created hole to kill some monsters. The OoO is really useful, i wanna know who griefs it too! >.<
  18. Wow, I put in three stacks of obsidian to help build that place, and yes Zegridathes built them both, side by side. I can't believe people destroyed it, Zeg spent so much time and resources on it to benefit everyone, and it has been up for 2 and half weeks. Which means it is probably new players who did it.
  19. Grief Busters! Channel 57

    ( a joke **not real** )
    but seriously there should be something done to stop these griefer and/or griefers. We need to at least make a trap or someone watch who goes there on live map I honestly don't know where on minecraft that spawner killer thing but I will support and help against the griefer and/or griefers
  20. They're either stupid and dont realise theyre ruining something they can use, or just incosiderate. I agree that somethign should be done, just a sham eit cant be.