Derelict res claiming

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  1. Of what i heard that when you claim a derelict res, the res will resset, if that is true it ould be a waste of you money to buy a derelict ress. so my suggestion is: when you buy a derelict res there could be a option to pay (lets say double) amount of ruppees to keep the res as it is, i mean like it doesnt resset itself.

    Any feedback would be good.
  2. Ok. For starters, when you claim a derelict res, it does reset. Second of all, this would cause people to start force-claiming prestigious residences the second they go derelict.
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  3. It will only be able to be reset once you've become derelict, so as long as you login or vote every 14 (15) 30 days, you're good to keep it. :)
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  4. so that means when a res is derelict and when you force claim it it will still keep the res in the same state as before you faorceclaimed it? just asking to be sure
  5. I know alex but i mean if somebody else has become derelict and you forceclaim that perons res , wil the res reset to the normal flat state or will it stay the same?
  6. Oh I see, yeah it returns to normal :)
  7. serieusly?
    well that would be a waste of rupees, but that is why is posted this in the suggestion box, so that i could be possible to change that in any way possible
  8. I don't see this happening :/ I like the way it is Now and I don't want it to change. If this were to happen, it'll be unfair for all of us. It's not a waste of rupees, it's called being fair.
  9. It's the way it is so you can claim a custom/preferred location for your res - not the contents of the res. :)
  10. well if you put it that way it seems a bit fair, but i still dont get why you even would forceclaim a ressidence.

    Well than i have a differenct question, if a res goes derelict will there be any change of the res getting open for a grief party (lets say after another 30 days after the derelict day) so all people have a change of getting a bit of the res. because whe know that person sadly has left emc and left a lot of good minerals behind that would go to wast if the res gets reset
  11. What if the person has not left EMC? Then he comes back to seeing his/her res all grief-ed and ugly.
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  12. Think of it as the world's biggest rupee sink. :)

    Plus why would we want people getting free stuff that they didn't work for? Plus, we don't want to encourage griefing, in any form. :)
  13. A res goes derelict after 30 (29) day mark.
  14. This is a reposted idea.
    Sorry, someone had to say it.
  15. A few reasons.
    1) You amy want a res right next to yours or a friends.
    2) You may like the res number i.e. 9000
    3) You may like the location/biome no neighbors with laggy resses is a plus for me...
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  16. Whoops, sorry I meant DOES reset.
  17. Well.. of course they gonna reset it when you claim it... just look at smp 9's spawn. There dc's of Emerlad/Diamond/Gold/Lapis ect per pyramid, cant let people have things they didnt work for now can we :p
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  18. Bigdavie looks at his diamond pyramid and proud in all the hard work it took to type "//cs roof.cs diamondblock";)
  19. lots of work indeed, you had to move a couple muscles and burn couple calories you know!
  20. The point of derelict is NOT so you can make off with whatever the other person had. It's so we can have more open residence's for new people and free up unused residences. Along with a small rupee sink.