[denied] Remove/change the Wither's teleporting ability

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  1. This new update made the wither able to teleport, which does not really make much sense. Usually the End and ender items deal with teleporting, but the wither mains deals with the nether -- not the end.

    I see two plausible ways this can go:

    Suggestion 1: Remove the teleport ability
    Trying to kill the wither is a pretty fun on difficult on higher difficulties already and there isn't a need to buff it. I understand creating your own mobs and putting a fun twist on it, but it isn't very fair to take current mobs and putting a twist on it and not allowing us to fight it on higher levels (without the twist effecting us) like it's set up as now.

    Suggestion 2: Replace the ability with another ability
    This is pretty obvious. I can only think of one ability that isn't too OP
    • Spawn Wither Skeletons
      • Simple and effective
    EDIT: Teleporting, not flying
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  2. I agree wither boss's are vanilla they don't need an emc twist put them back how they were. >_>
  3. This is annoying a wither disappeared on me it died in a wall? Is that even possiable
  4. If you want a vanilla fight then fight it on 5.

    If we remove the teleport, then we remove the extra drops, otherwise players will use the common kill chamber technique to make the fight easy.

    So, rather than forcing those who want the additional challenge for the items to lost that potential, I suggest simply fighting it on 5 if you dont want modified behavior.

    We will improve the behavior to fix the top/bottom of nether issues, and maybe expand the air checks more, but it cant teleport INTO a wall. It will only teleport to areas with lots of air.
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  5. Can't you prevent the wither from being spawned in too small of a space?
  6. Option 2 could result in very simple wither skeleton farms.
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  7. FTFY :)
  8. I just fought half a dozen withers on difficulty 8 and I was very satisfied with the teleport mechanics. I was worried that the wither would teleport too often, or teleport into the player, but I saw no issues at all with the wither. Your argument's basis seems to be that teleporting should be exclusive to 'end mobs' and I don't think that's a good enough reason to change something that works, and works well. Many custom mobs teleport.
  9. Name a custom mob please
  10. All of them, actually.

    Enraged Mobs.
  11. I have never seen any of those mobs teleport. Ever.
  12. How so?
  13. In the Wither's situation, it is part of the gameplay that you cannot avoid.

    In the situation you cited, it is only if it has trouble getting to you.
  14. I want "MiniBoss+" level of mobs to have special behavior, and not just plain hit and dodge.

    It's what makes EMC's survival unique compared to vanilla, that our mobs are a little more advanced than simple AI mechanics of vanilla.

    Ideally id like the teleport option on all levels! Kill chamber tactics are cheap.
    But I know people want to keep vanilla mobs vanilla.
    But that doesn't change the fact its still a miniboss level category, so I improved his AI for where EMC's special stuff comes into play.

    So, I'm designing the game in a way I feel is challenging to earn the rewards. It doesn't matter if no other mob teleports... I'm creating new mobs here and its my job to come up with AI mechanics to make fights challenging.

    I chose teleporting for the wither, and so will future mobs. (cmon, do you really expect anything different for Enderman?)
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