[denied] In-Game Poking

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Yes 37 vote(s) 62.7%
No 22 vote(s) 37.3%
  1. So... earlier today, thought about in-game poking. Similar to Facebook/s version of poking. Just curious what other people thought about the idea. I think it is cool, but not completely convinced myself.

    There would be a Personal setting to disable it of course.

  2. Poking.
    Reminds me of poke stickz
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  3. Edited in Something - just to clarify.
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  4. could it be kinda liek zombie plague? but you gotta hit a player with a stick
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  5. I am fond of the way some IRC clients utilize the /slap command or something similar.. it works the same way... but it is funny :3
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  6. He is very found.
  7. Poking leaderboard?
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  8. Leaderboard leaderboard?
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  9. A leaderboard for Leaders?
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  10. No, a leaderboard for how many leaderboards you are on.
  11. Okay. I've never understood poking on facebook. What exactly is the point of a poke other than bothering someone? XP
  12. seems like you understand it
  13. In my opinion, there is really no reason or point to it. It could also put like around 2% more pressure on the servers having more plugins. You know what i mean?
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  14. yes

    I like and approve of this :D
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  15. YESSSSSSS! but..

    there should be a mininum. So you can only poke a percific player x days, so nobody gets spammy and starts poking when they are /ignored.
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  16. no way it would event put 0.1% more pressure.. it could piggyback off of systems that already utilize things similar. Like when your name is said in chat and it highlights red... combined with the cross server mod chat.. you just kind of clump it together and you have something similar just executed by a command.

    Not everything has to be useful and with reason, sometimes .. things can just be fun.

    Like the OP says.. it would have an option to turn off, otherwise it would just be an annoying thing you could not control. I would guess if you have someone ignored, it would ignore their pokes as well.. seems only right.
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  17. This ^^^^^ *laughing emotion* :D :)
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  18. It should be a voting perk!
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