[Denied] Element 79 Outpost

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Faithcaster, May 3, 2016.

  1. The Element 79 Outpost is located on SMP7 and is owned by Faithcaster & joshrocks78.
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  2. Good evening.

    After reviewing the request, it has been determined a build belonging to another person exists inside the 3,000 block radius required in between outposts and other player builds. Due to not being able to identify an owner of the build to gain consent from to have the outpost inside 3,000 blocks, the request will unfortunately have to be denied at this time.

    I recommend moving further out into the frontier to have better chances of making a successful outpost claim. Thanks for submitting the request!
  3. If it's the iron farm nearby - That's also mine.

    If someone made a dirt house within 3000 blocks I'll just have to accept that even after looking at the livemap before choosing my location it wasn't enough.

    With over 3 million rupees spent into this outpost I can't just move further away.
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  4. I would blast him to smithereens! or wait in sorrow... which ever suits u
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  5. this really hurts
  6. Eh, just cause its not official doesn't mean it cant be successful, an Outpost Im part of is too close to spawn to be official yet we're already 30-ish strong after 4 months
  7. yeah we know that, i just don't want people coming to it and possibly greifing it because we've spent so much and this new update with spawns 10,000 blocks out n stuff