Dem Feels.

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  1. This thread is plainly to serve as a feels thread. Post pictures, videos, gifs, anything that expresses sadness. I'd recommend putting them in spoilers, but it's up to you.

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  2. My uncle was in 9/11
    EDIT: Feels though
    Edit agian: he survived btw
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  3. 9/11

    This one is for WW2

  4. These videos aren't based on tragedies, but they still carry some weight for me.
    This song makes me think of an old man on his deathbed remembering his life.

    This was written for John Lennon's mother, who was hit by a drunk driver when he was 17.

    One of his last songs (though the original is by Nine Inch Nails), clearly reflecting his own life.

    Beautiful music in general fills me with a strange sense of sadness, and this is probably the most beautiful song I know.

    Also, watch the whole Cowboy Bebop series. Once you do, you're gonna carry that weight for a long time.
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  5. This film I watched the other day, has to be my favourite film. V For Vendetta. It has a lot of good quotes. These two are linked, I guess they mean more to me than they would to any of you, and it may not be based on anything from real life, but here are the images in a spoiler:

  6. First image is broken.
  7. Squidward's father NEVER hugged him! How sad is that?
  8. Just used FDNY21 and this account to view it, and I can see it. I will link it here though, for those that cannot see the first image :) V For Vendetta
  9. Here are just some songs that make me feel things:

    As I Lay Dying - Departed. An astoundingly beautiful, haunting guitar solo.

    Haste the Day - Autumn. It's a nice, melancholy, acoustic song.

    Converge - Wretched World. One of the few Converge songs to feature regular vocals.

    TesseracT - Eden. Lament is a really good song, too. Actually, basically anything from One.

    Thursday - How Long is the Night. Don't make fun of me for being emo. I'm really not.

    Russian Circles - Xavii. To really feel this song Station should be listened to in its entirety.

    Cult of Luna - Following Betulas. This song isn't particularly sad - like say Dark City Dead Man - but it gets to me every time.
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