Damned Enraged Mobs

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  1. Can I get a little help with technique for killing those damned Enraged Mobs? They usually kill me rather quickly and when I run hurriedly back hoping to retrieve my "stuff" they kill me again. Thanks.
  2. Could you please mind your language? When you have enraged creepers or especially zombies you can best tower up a few blocks with dirt or something. Good method to kill them is bow and arrows I think.
  3. Thanks for the quick come-back. Those suggestions give me a good starting point.
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  4. Get yourself a good sword :)
  5. Actually he is allowed to say damn as long as it is in moderation and not spamming or directed at another player.
  6. I didn't say he was not allowed to say it. I just asked him not to say it.
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  7. Well it's his thread, if you aren't comfortable with the language being used in it, I'm afraid you'll just have to leave it alone, as it is within EMC rule boundaries. :)
  8. That's true, he chose to ignore it and I left it at that. There also was a chance he would apologize for it though, and then that would be a good thing for me. I think I did good to just say it because when people say they don't like something about me and I can change it, I'll try to. But again, if he doesn't want to, he doesn't have to :)
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  9. Stay on topic guys, c'mon.

    Some tips not covered by the linked guide:
    -Always carry a water-bucket with you. Enraged zombies and creepers can light you on fire, and you need a way to extinguish the flames. It's also an excellent way to deter Enraged creepers, since their main strength is spawning fire everywhere (and the flowing water can help keep them at range). Plus it's just generally handy to have.
    -Strike from below! If you see an enraged zombie or creeper, look for the nearest body of water to lure it into. Water slows them down, prevents the fire effect, and if you're underwater, they can't really hurt you unless they're right on top of you. Easy to pick them off that way.
    -The guide did cover this portion but it bears repeating: keep a good bow handy at all times. Skeletons drop Power 3 / Unbreaking 3 pretty regularly, so a couple of those in an anvil will get you something acceptable at the very least.
    Enraged skeletons are fast, accurate, and frustrating, plus getting them in the water actually helps them by slowing you down and making you an easier target. Keep them on land, pick them off with a bow, or corner them with a sword if possible.
    -Vote! The rupees and item bonuses (diamonds / emeralds) make it easy to afford a decent set of armor. And if you keep your streak up long enough, the set of Voter's armor you receive makes an acceptable fallback (Only leather, but heavy Protection enchantments, soulbound, and indestructible. Not the best armor possible, but completely risk-free for adventuring).
  10. When in caves, it also greatly helped me to trick enraged creepers into a water stream, so they could not get at me. You just have them trying to swim towards the flow, and you have enough time to knock them back with your sword/arrows. This won't work for skeletons because they will shoot at you, and maybe the zombie AI will find a way to get at you, but I think you could do the same. Edit: Just watch out to not fall in and flow towards the creepers.
  11. By 'good' sword, I think that knockback is one of the best enchantments against enraged, gives you time to heal, and be ready for their next rush. If you line them up right, you can often add on some fall damage or get them into some water to really slow them down.

    Plus ^^^ all the stuff that Kephras said.
  12. *Corollary: Knockback is best enchantment for Zombies & Creepers.
    It is worst for the Skeletons, as the last thing you want to do is give them more range to pew-pew.
  13. I usually carry a Sword with a Knockback enchantment. It can buy me time to move around if I am in a bad position or need to eat or recover health. Killing an Enraged with a nice Sharpness sword will take maybe five hits. Creepers I just keep knocking back then letting them approach me again. Zombies and Skeletons I will usually push up against a wall and bash away at them. If you can't get close to a Skeleton, stand behind a corner and let him come to you.

    I usually carry a Bow. I most often use it to knock mobs off of ledges or in situations where I don't want to get close enough for a sword. I sometimes also use a Bow to take down the health of a mob then one hit it with my Sword. I would likely do this if I'm using a Looting Sword to save durability, or I will often do this to a Creeper but want to save Arrows. Plus I guess I don't have to go so far to get any drops :)

    As far as getting my stuff when I die, I keep a set of basic equipment, food, and blocks in my Vault page. If I am mining and respawn at Spawn, I can pop into Town and quickly re-equip myself. Most of the Beds I might spawn near in the Wild have Chests nearby where I can get what I need to go back and recover my things successfully.

    I haven't been able to use Rei's Minimap for a long time, but that has an automatic Death Waypoint that I like to use. Without it, if I am in a position where I am pretty sure I will die, I will usually open the debug console and screenshot it.

    Also, I always go back. A lot of people don't bother to go back because they think the timer starts ticking as soon as they die. It actually only starts once you are in the same chunk and I am pretty sure if you wander in and out of the chunk it resets each time. Your stuff used to despawn after five minutes, and it was recently changed so that on EMC you have fifteen minutes so your chances are good to be able to retrieve it.
  14. I die sometimes in the wild, what you can do is ask an online moderator for your death coordinates. I've had to do that quite a few times, unfortunately.
  15. I agree with most people who recommend just using a bow. But if you don't have a bow, or you don't have time to get a shot in, try the following advice:
    • For skeletons, sprint up to them as fast as possible and start spamming your sword. If you can stay close enough to them, it's harder for them to hit you. Plus, you don't have to worry about catching on fire, so the closer the better! Also, try strafing around it in a circle to avoid arrows (this is also helpful for spiders).
    • For creepers, first get rid of any nearby mobs - they could attack you at an awkward time, making it possible for the creeper to explode. Now make sure there are several clear blocks behind the creeper (no fire to destroy drops or walls to block its path), then sprint towards it and hit it with your sword, preferably with knockback. Sprinting will make it fly backwards farther than normal. As soon as you hit it, back up, wait for it to stop hissing, and keep repeating the process. Creepers can't catch you on fire directly, but their explosions create flames, so watch your step. If you can't get a clean hit, then just run away and try again.
    • Zombies are probably the most dangerous, and require the best timing. The best option is to keep backing up as you spam the sword, so that they can't get close enough to attack/catch you on fire. Just make sure there aren't more monsters behind you. Another good technique is to hit them into a corner, then keep hitting them before they can move away. The tricky part is getting close enough to hit them without letting them hit you. You will probably catch on fire while fighting these guys, so bring either a water bucket or fire resist potions. In the heat of the moment, you probably won't have time to drink a full potion without taking more damage, so either use them before hand or bring splash potions.
    In any case, I recommend wearing diamond armor, using steak or porkchops as food (so you don't have to eat in the middle of a fight), and bringing at least one health 2 potion. Also, you might want to know that with a sharpness 5 sword, enraged mobs usually take 5 hits to kill, but be prepared for 6.