Daft Punk "Get Lucky" Pardoy from Tobuscus

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  1. So I love Daft Punk, and I love Tobuscus, so I finded this video. Enjoy :D

  2. I actually really like this song lol...
  3. wow that song is so cool :)
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  4. Dude, its Toby, you cant not like him...
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  5. I like this song so much xD
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  6. This is the best song! :p
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  7. Don't like tobuscus, but I do quite like this song, very catchy :p
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  8. I normally hate Tobuscus but this song is ok, I guess.
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  9. This is a good song, i like toby, i remember his first happy wheels video...
  10. Back in those days... He was still in Minecraft, i think!
  11. what would obama say? "yes we can"
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  12. Aether! :D
  13. only song of tobuscus i actually like...
  14. That was surprisingly good :p
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