D: diamond pick glitch

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by imeawesome, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. i logged out yesterday and came back on today, my diamond pick was GONE! it had effeciency IV
    unbreaking III and fortune III. i need it back D: tell me if you find it on the ground somewhere (couldve dropped it)
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  2. Oh, i thought it was like a dupe glitch with a pic :p. It is possible that your internet just lagged out and it got caught and then when dissconected is dissapeared. But i know nothing :p
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  3. Most likely it got dropped on the ground before/as you were logging out. Unless someone is generous enough to help you out- nothing can be done about it. I feel your pain :(
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  4. i thought it was like that i was going to put; Oh!! i can use this ;) Jks i play fair :cool:
  5. I reset my res with 2 diamond enchanted picks and 2 stacks of glowstone in a chest, I feel your pain.
  6. >:O
  7. dandan was by me and he says he doesnt have it
  8. me wasnt lagging
  9. I call Shenanigans :D