[Custom L4D2] My Little Ponys Go To Ravenholm

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  1. This series has strong language and mature conversation pieces. Please watch at your own discretion. (I'm starting to think it's impossible for my group to make a video that doesn't require this heads up, lol.)

  2. Not even 5 seconds in and the warning already shows lol.
  3. Funny stuff :p The teletubies and cats mod is funny too from what i've seen on youtube :)
  4. this is too funny XD
  5. 7:20 :3
    "Big smile as I'm being slammed into the ground"

    and this is where boredom gets me :p
  6. *Sees title* "Oh yes, please let the zombies be ponies please let the zombies be ponies!!"
    *Sees Intro* What the *BEEP*?
    Still pretty good. :D
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  7. My mum got annoyed at me for watching this xD a warning in the video desc. would be good :p
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  9. Love this lmao!
  10. Did I beat you to it cow? > : D
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  11. You win this time.
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