Cupid's in Town & Improvements - 2/14/16

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  1. I'm sure many of you have been shot by my Cupid's Bow. Cupid's bow is one of my favorite creations on EMC. It's a promo you can pretty much expect every Valentines day as I want every player to have opportunity to enjoy this fun bow!

    But... the concept of "promo hoarding" has made many players not want to shoot it :( Then also the fact it will disappear... That changes now. Players should feel at ease using this wonderful bow and spreading the love without feeling like they "lost money"!

    You may claim a FREE Cupid's Bow by typing in game
    /promo cupidbow
    and why not some free Cupid's Arrow with
    /promo cupidarrow

    More Bows for sale @ /shop
    Happy Valentines Day EMC!

    • Cupid's Bow Makeover! -- These changes apply to EVERY Cupid's Bow, even the first ones ever released --
      • On fire, any previously damaged Cupid's Bow will reset back to full durability
      • On fire, if the bow does not have the Infinite enchantment, it will obtain it.
      • On fire, if the bow does not have Unbreakable, it will automatically apply it.
      • The hearts are now 1 block higher, so it is not in your face
      • Since the Bow is now completely unlimited, the "love mode" effect on animals has been removed. Sorry, that would be REALLY overpowered for horses.
    • Unbreakable items and areas with itemdamage off such as PvP no longer show "ghost damage". They will stay at their current durability instead of causing lots of confusion with items breaking or going down when players expected no damage.
    • Vanilla base mobs have had their loot pools boosted for Difficulty 8 through 10, and somewhat 7. making those levels more rewarding.
    • Fixed Wither teleporting above/below bedrock in nether.
    • Fixed bug with placing armor stands while at max ent count losing the armor stand
    • # of Mail is now shown on login
    • Horses no longer take fall damage on Utopia
    • /p command display for offline players has been updated to be more clear player is off.
    • For the one player who did this, if you reach Vault 255, vouchers will no longer be usable (which ends up wasting them)
    • Added /brb alias to /afk
    • When going away, it will announce to your group (unless it is a really large group), and then also when you return. For supporters, the message is shown why.
    • Performance improvements. Found some bugs and bad code thats now been fixed. <3 how stable performance is now :)
    • Properly implemented critical failsafe to shut the server down if our core plugin does not load. TESTED!
    • Fixed bug massively nerfing Group XP rates.... Can't believe noone noticed grouping drastically nerfed XP like this before :( (Did Min(1, XP) instead of Max(1, XP))
    • Boosted XP bonus behavior of groups.
    • Made it easier to get the group buff perks and new tier on attack bonus
    • Fixed bug with chicken eggs in Frontier/Wastelands. no more new chickens...
    • Added eggify flag to frontier and wastelands outpost. Go clean up those chickens!
    • Added /gr list command that is same as /c who for groups, and improved the output of the chat who for groups to distinguish between near and far group members.
    • Added Current server to /f online
    • Cupids Bow will now auto remove the Durability 3 enchant on use
  2. So... The Cupid Wars will begin.
  3. Quality of life updates get me like...

  4. Love for everyone!

    I have unbreaking 3, are they suppose to be unbreakable?
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  5. i has golden carrots for sale
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    ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Canon and Confirmed
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  7. Nice update.
  8. I have been calling it the "farting hearts bow" because of that problem, THANK YOU! Finally I might enjoy this promo a whole lot more :D
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  9. Ah, so the bow and arrows are merely cosmetic now?
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  10. smp4,5,6 are giving troubles starting... dont think it has to do with update, trying to get them up.
  11. Can't believe you took the love mode ting away :( they're pretty much useless for me now
  12. Thanks for the update Aikar!
  13. Wait so, are they supposed to be Unbreakable or just Unbreaking III?
  14. Unbreakable.
  15. Happy Valentines Day!

    Awesome update, Thank You! :D
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  16. Bring back SMP5 or SMP1 will be overthrown. You have been warned.
  17. sweetness! Thank you Aikar!