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  1. Probably been suggested before :)

    But how about a creative town server for supporters.
    - A new server/world accessable through /creative.
    - Divided into 120 x 120 plots that Supporters may get 1 of each. With full creative gamemode.
    - Nothing can be transfered between creative and any other world.
    - No access to Vault etc.
    - Only Supporters get a plot/res, higher the rank supporter, the more benefits while in /creative world.
    - Like Utopia, Any player can go there and look around, but only supporters can use it.

    - The reason I ask for this is for players to be able to share their skills/knowledge/ability etc.
    - Players in a Community/group/organisation can test build things, or demonstrate their ideas for others to see. And then head back to Survival and begin work on their big project.
    - Employers/clients can build an example of what they want, and the employee can then build it for them in survival (as a business, or job delegation for large projects, etc)
    - People like holding various contest/competitions like skin comps, or build comps. Creative is great for this, as there is no hassle gathering blocks to build platforms/structures for these comps.
    - Also great for in-game access to prefect designs/inventions before building them in survival. Most people will do those things in SP offline anyway, but EMC DOES have some unique custom SMP 'quirks' that makes designing in EMC more accurate to offline SP. And building anything in EMC Creative means it's always easily accessible from any location/computer just by logging in.

    I think that basicaly sums it all up. Anyone have anything to add?

  2. Well EMC is a VANILLA server, just like how we can't have a PVP server.
  3. ooh, but we will be at some point
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  4. No creative server though. Hopefully. Ever.
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  5. I will not shoot it down. I see no problem with it accept time which could be focused on other things. I know there is a plan for a mini-game server and dystopia or something like that. Cool idea but also, it will take a lot of money to put in a new server.
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  6. Time to shoot this idea down; this idea has been suggested and although it would be a convenience, it does not really fit into EMC to me and I find it easier to build in single player flatland.
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  7. Totally gonna shoot this down with twenty RPG's. image.jpg
  8. We do have an PVP server :p [IP REMOVED]
  9. I like EMC how it is...No changing recquired lol
  10. this is a good idea, though im not sure everyone would like it.
    other servers do this all the time anyways, a creative server WILL bring more players.
    I personally dont see a problem with this.

    I dont like this being for only supporters though.
  11. T
    That isn't an Emc owned server.
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  12. No, we don't that server is run separately and certainly not a part of EMC
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  13. First, that server is completely separate from EMC so on neither server you are not allowed to advertise the IP ~_~
  14. The OBAM server is 100% independent from EMC.
    Also in the Already Suggested Ideas thread that's locked at the top of the suggestion box it specifically says that they will never add a creative server.
  15. No, that's talking about Creative or PvP on the SMP servers (smp1, utopia etc.) It's not been denied to be on it's server
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  16. Lots of people just saying no with no reason... that kind of post is pointless. :) Please don't post if you don't have something to say, negative or positive, it's all good feedback. thanks

    If I wanted a poll, i'd have put on in... maybe i should add a poll..

    Yes, a new server will cost money.
    - IMO it will bring in more money also. The more things you have for players to utilize, the more they will come here. Just like adding a PVP server, and mini-games server will skyrocket EMC's player base. Adding in a creative world will bring in more people who are interested in that.
    - And making it supporter only (like Utopia) will also give more incentive to buy supporter.

    I'm not sure what you mean by that? It does not fit into EMC because it is a creative world, and all EMC is Survival? is that what you mean?

    NB: The creative world will be entirely separate from EMC. Nothing will be moved to or from other than your player char with nothing on them.

    LOL, dreams are free. EMC is cutting edge development, always things changing, improving. :p
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  17. I like this. Having a couple of servers isolated from the other servers is a good idea, because it can enable the usage of more special conditions. Similarly, I would suggest that the Dystopia be isolated as people could easily import god armor and remove the challenge.
    I'm not sure on the supporters only part, maybe the wild is free to everyone, but only supporters get a plot?
  18. It wouldn't ruin EMC. In fact, it wouldn't ruin anything related to EMC.. It doesn't matter if EMC is supposed to be vanilla, because it hardly is in fact. Not to mention that a creative server would be completely independent from the SMPs.
  19. I dont think its a bad idea. I dont think they will do it any time soon though. I would use it if aikar did decide to add it.
  20. The basic idea is good.
    The supporter-only bit is not.