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  1. I have been working on some minecraft animation lately and i'm about ready (good enough)
    i think to make a EMC video (animated) but... i can't do it unless someone builds me something really cool in a singleplayer world and then sends me the file... I can't offer any prize (sorry)
    but one thing i can offer is your skin in the video!
    Requirements for landscape:

    1. as big as fallen kingdom set
    2. made by you (i don't want to get in trouble)
    3. i would like it to be (if you can) a medieval castle like thing

    A few other things i need are Music, voice for music, and if you can a testificate rig, and a steve rig (with facial features) doing this in blender.

    Thank you for your support :)
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  2. *bump* :)
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  4. Ive been making animation on GoAnimate. I will try to make EMC promo. But i don't have anything for you :(
  5. well thank you for everything if you would like to appear in the video just PM me i would lov eot have you :)

    also i need a few ideas for what to do. I think i'm going to make it like a music video :) thank you everyone :)

    Edit also i'm doing some camera tracking stuff so i'm gonna make steve in real life :) he's gonna say high to me :)
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