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  1. Hey guys! So Jcpuggs and I were working on a gold farm in Utopia and it was absolutely terrible. It was tedious. It was dangerous. We didn't know exactly what we were doing. It was cramped. It was glitchy. It was ugly. But it worked.

    That took us two weeks at several hours of working per day.

    We got over half a stack of gold blocks per hour, but didn't really like how the whole thing looked. So we went off and built a new one. We knew the work sucked, but the outcome and reward was amazing, so we sucked it up and got to work.

    This one went up much faster. Everything besides slabbing is complete and this took us less than 5 days! We've already earned nearly a half stack of gold blocks with just usual pigmen spawning rates. We haven't done anything here yet, so we'll have a more accurate figure for this new one soon.

    This gold farm we created was actually fun! We just talked throughout the work and made all the improvements we wanted to. It looks nice. It works fast. It's easy to maintain. It's farther out. It's just pure awesome. We've been approached several times by people asking for assistance / offering to pay for us to make theirs. Jc and I talked and decided to make this a kind of business. Here are a few guarantees we promise:

    1. The location is completely secret. We won't tell anyone of it's location so you'll be the only one there!
    2. We can get it done under a month. I give you this time simply because stuff happens and we can't always get on. We don't expect to take a month, this is just so we have a time limit that you can hold us to.
    3. It'll be effective. Depending on the location, we can get you a lot of gold. More so than any practical overworld one. This is in the nether. It'll make you your money back rather quickly if you can be there often.
    4. We take one customer/group at a time. You'll be our only priority.

    I would give you more features, but this service can be customized to fit your budget a little better. Are pricing will be below. This will also include the reasoning for each. It's expensive, but at our current 32 blocks per hour (Around 4,500 rupees per hour) You can make your money back + some in a short amount of time!

    There are no refunds.


    Building The Walls - 80,000
    Supplies - 205,000*
    Slabbing - 100,000*
    Pig Pusher Things - 85,000*
    Rail System / Storage Area - 30,000 (Must get if you want the pig pusher things)
    Non-Utopian - 150,000*
    Finding you a suitable location - 37,500
    Clearing the area - 100,000*
    Making it look nice - 30,000* (+10000 per layer of lava because lava comes in and screws everything up. It can destroy rails, chests, or people. So it's bad. But that's the price of being beautiful :p)

    Building the walls:
    Constant attack by ghasts at a high point is annoying. You have to constantly have full hunger so you don't die, and fire resistance armor/potions in case you are shot into lava.
    This takes over a single chest of building blocks so it's a lot of tedious work.

    We use a DC of the following items: Sticky Pistons, Repeaters, Pressure Plates (Wooden works, stone for slightly better results).
    We also need tools such as enchanted picks which break rather easily considering the speed it takes to break large amounts of netherrack.
    There are also many double chests of stone / other supplies we need to transport over to the location. Supplying us / bringing everything out is cheaper, but not fun. A more detail list is provided when you contact us.

    Slabbing is what makes it efficient. Preventing mobs from spawning at other locations and making them spawn where we want gets you more gold. Everybody is happy then :D. Effective slabbing is extremely tedious.

    Pistons/Spawning Pads:
    The pigs spawn here, are pushed right away, and fall to their death. Then the nuggets they drop can be collected and voila. Gold. The more pads there are, the more / faster pigmen will spawn. More gold again :D

    Rail System / Storage Area:
    This picks up the gold and safely transports it to chests you can lock. This means you can go afk easier and longer. Meaning... you guessed it! More gold! (Includes a small afk rail)

    Non - Utopian:

    Before you complain "Oh you're favoring supporters you dingbat blah blah blah" you have to take into consideration several things.
    1. In theory, I'm paying EMC to build you a Gold Farm. Money out of my pocket, gold in yours.
    2. Fall damage. Oh mah gawsh ghasts. Nuff said.
    3. Hunger pain. Makes eating much more necessary. More eating = more food. More food = less inventory space. Less inventory space = longer time to complete. Longer time to complete = less money in your pocket for more time.

    Finding a location: We want it in a lava lake (The more shallow the better.) If you pick us a location that is just in a cliff, our price is subject to go up. That's a LOT more digging. If you pick a location and we disagree with it, then you can look for a new one, or we can find one for you. Our location will NOT have a nether rail leading to it (For your farms safety) and it will be far out. The path will be very easy to follow if you are trying to follow it. People won't stumble onto it easily and bam. They're there. If you choose a lava lake, make sure it is not deeper than 3. If it is, then you will be asked to fill it with sand/gravel because we don't want to fill the lake. If you INSIST that we do this, we will add more to the fees and talk to you about that.

    Clearing the area:
    This is like clearing a residence of dirt. We get rid of everything so you can spawn your little piggies and watch them die. Tedious work, with 1.5 and the weird lava things that are extremely fast and dangerous, this isn't fun at all. TNT is appreciated :D

    "Well this is just expensive as can be. Waste of money right here!"

    Jc and I are capable of finishing this gold farm in a little over a week. We made one that isn't perfect and it produces roughly 32 gold blocks an hour. 32 gold blocks an hour is around 4,500 rupees an hour. You make your money back fast, and this isn't the best rate we can get!

    The prices are firm, but depending on the QUALITY we can negotiate. If you don't want it extremely effective we can cut down on total slabbing / pig spawning / supplies then. Results could be drastically worse though.

    Most of the pricing has a "*" next to it. This means that that price can be changed around.
    Supplies: If you can provide some supplies, we can deduct that from the price. At the same time, if we have to supply everything, 205,000 may or may not cover it depending on where we go to get the items. Some shops may be out of stock so we have to get the supplies ourselves. This is time consuming and not really what we want to do.

    Slabbing: If you're in the middle of a SHALLOW lava lake, that's a lot we won't have to slab, so that price can be lowered. At the same time, if you are in a nether mountain or cliff, there are a lot more caves and stuff we have to explore, so that can raise the price quite a bit.

    Non-Utopian: We don't know how hard this will be without non-utopian perks. This one is subject to change depending on the difficulty.

    Clearing the area: If you are in a shallow lava lake with a very high ceiling, that's a lot less room to clear then on a nether hill near the top. The less we have to clear, the less you pay. Simple as that.

    Making it look nice: I don't mean this as in "Pay or this will look and be like crap" I mean this as "If you don't want the walls to be stone/cobble/soulsand/netherrack it's more work / supplies so it's obviously going to cost more. With lava in the 1.5 update, it is very difficult to remove if it comes in. So the 10,000 per layer is there only if you want it to look cleaner.

    The final fee will be discussed / final after we look at the area and see what's happening. You will be asked to pay around half to start, mostly for supplies. The other half will be paid when we finish. If you refuse to pay at that point, staff members will become involved, we will keep the money you paid us, and sell the location of the gold farm to someone else. If we find the location, you will not receive coordinates to the location until payment is received. Pictures will be sent when we finish though.

    If you pay us and we get started and you decide you don't want it any more, half of what you paid us will be returned. The other half remains with us because of the the inconvenience. This isn't because we're greedy (though we are) but it's because we don't want to do this if you aren't committed.

    I will include pictures of our second farm below so that you can see what it will look like. We had a lot of extra space so size is negotiable. We can add more spawning pads = more gold but for more money.

    Thanks to all ya'll for reading this far! Now let's ruin the gold economy :p
    We are: Currently helping someone
  2. So this is what you, jcplugs, amused, and bite are telling about constantly in the supporter channel.... Figures xD
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  3. Can you post a rough estimate of the price?
  4. Well with the current pricing, if you have us do EVERYTHING it's 817,500 total. This is a little over 7 full days (181 hours) of afking at 32 blocks per hour at 4,500 rupees per half stack. So for only 181 hours, the potential profit is phenomenal.
  5. Well then.
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  6. I will also confirm that these two are some of the most trusted people I know. Also, as fuzzy butt already mentioned above they have experience building these.
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  7. 7*24 was 168 last I checked lol
  8. Can I take a wild stab in the dark and say that they are building one for you?
  9. I said a little over 7 days :p

    And Ninja helped supply / slab a little in the first one and knows it's location / efficiency
  10. And I'm the Queen of England
  11. Ours isn't 32 gold nuggets. We get 40.5 stacks of nuggets per hour / 14ish per 22 minutes. My 32 is block form, so 81 nuggets combined into 9 ingots combined into 1 block.
  12. I actually helped build a little bit of the first one they made and funded for some of the stuff too. Even if they built one for me, I wouldn't be able to use it to it's full potential, as my computer has recently begun to get very hot after a few hours of minecraft. So, that means I can't afk over night.
  13. I was thinking of ordering one until I saw the price, Anyways good luck! (You probably won't need it)
  14. Can I just buy the Co-Ords for the one on utopia?
  15. Wow Jc, thanks for helping me with the location. I sure asked at the right time. :)
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  16. Wow D: So awesome but way to much for me.. Hopefully i can use a friends or use a private one from someone :).
  17. Jc and I may set up several gold farms where people can purchase the coordinate location and we provide them with locked chests so they receive some of the gold. I have to talk to staff about this option though to make sure it's ok :D
  18. That would be awesome!! :) But i don't know if that would be as efficient as sharing it with someone else... less gold for us :p
  19. It would be less efficient, but it would also be a lot cheaper