Could someone edit my skin?

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  1. Heya,
    A few minutes ago I changed my skin.
    The thing is I merged my old skins head with my new skins suit, however the skin that had the suit on didn't have the same skin tone as my head. So now the hands have to be adjusted to be the same as the head.. I tried doing the hands myself, Lets just say that didn't work at all...

    So this is were you come in!
    I want you to color in the hands in a way that it has the same color as my head. ( And I don't want the hands to be one solid color but to have a a bit of texture like the head, aka different shades)

    This is my skin:

    Ill give you 5k rupees if you make the hands I want.
    Oh and here is a link to my skin; LINK(those black things at the end of my arms are the problem)

    Ps. I only give 5k to the person that gives me a design I like.
  2. Ill give it a go :p
  3. I cant download the skin from the link without it bugging out. Can you please post the skin in the comments
  4. I will try but i cant edit it on skindex so what did you use to edit it?
  5. I used this to edit my skin
    You can enter my username to start editing my skin

    Well the thing is I edited it on the website above ^
    And when I download it trough that website it gives the same bugged effect
  6. Hows this

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  7. Heres a better pic

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  8. Thanks! exactly what i was looking for :D
    ill send you the 5k right now

    And for some reason the skin was a bit buggy but i was able to fix it by using ' flip the "skin" and "armor" ' .
  9. Oh yeah i had to flip the skin and armor to get the editing right but yeah i used to make skins for people lol if you need help feel free to hmu