Copy/customize Mini-bosses and enraged

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  1. Hey all I'm here today to say, that I have resonantly figured out how to code and I am loving it. I want to make momentus/marlix open to all out there who have been trying to get into a fight with one but is just to scared or doesn't like the wild. I will be coding it all in, but I will need some testers... This will be fully FREE to all after I have done all the coding, and who knows mabey I will surprise Aikar with my skills :p

    Hopefully if this goes good i will make more custom mobs that even Aikar would use ;)
  2. Any testers?
  3. sure, i'll guinea pig for you
  4. I could help you out here if you want :)
  5. How'd you learn to code? Online or at school?
  6. I was put as a dev on a server and I learned on my own, then took classes
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  7. It will be on a private server as I cant get EMC files and there would be no point of doing it here...
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  8. I can do that
  9. I would love to test. are you making this into a mod or just the minibosses/enraged?
  10. I'm making it a saved world for now, because if i make into a mod i will have to go threw a month of hell doing for now just beta test :)
  11. im down ro test
  12. i think im already invited XD
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  13. Lol yes you are :p

  14. I can help with the coding. As soon as I understand how to do the language that your using :p
    I'm 100% up for testing
  15. What lang are you coding in?
  16. Java, of course.
  17. You make custom mobs with JavaScript? :0
  18. java != javascript
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  19. Made momentus, will probly record and post here :) momentus was easy, just his little drawn was a pain but did it (kind).
  20. I'll test also if you're still needing people. :)