[Controversial] American Politics

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  1. Oh, and I love it when America acts just like Russia; Russia blocked an inquiry into Syria gassing children, prompting the US to bomb Syria alongside the UK and France.

    The US has now blocked an inquiry into Israel gassing children, which surely prompts everyone else to bomb Israel, right?

  2. When you ascribe motivations and action to whole countries then slather on hyperbole like that it sucks the desire to discuss the topic right out of me.

    I'm healthy and pay a lot for an insurance policy that is just bare bones and meant to cover catastrophe. I pay full price for health care up to the limit set forth by the ACA while the majority of people around me are getting everything free or discounted. How long will I stay healthy if I am afraid to go to the doctor? Switching jobs or moving to get better access to care should not be something anyone should have to consider.

    Collective bargaining is one thing when applied to wages or widgets. It's another thing entirely when you are talking about people's health. My health should not be treated differently than anyone else's because we belong to different clubs.
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  3. Fully agreed. That's why universal healthcare exists everywhere but the United States.
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