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  1. So this competition is to make a you tube banner

    • Must be the right specs for a YouTube banner
    • Has to say "VulcanMC" in this font in green-->http://www.dafont.com/powerchord.font
    • Must have at least one set of Diamond Axes crossing to make a "X"
    • A interactive picture that takes you to my EMC reference page (if possible):
    • Include this picture if possiabe: AnimationCharacter0006.png

    • Anything else that makes the banner look nice
    Extra Info
    • Favorite Color: Green
    • What the channel will be about : Minecraft animations

    • A set of god Armor
    • Cupid's Bow
    • 25k
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  2. END DATE:3/7/14 or when i find one that i love
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    New Channel Name: Vulcan Minecraft (VulcanMC for short)
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  4. I will try to make you one before the end date so yeah :p
  5. Might want to extend the deadline, and include information on what you're looking for. Ex blue, minecraft with gta and tf2.
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  7. =D
  8. wow great work... im gonna let some other entrys come in b4 i pick though
  9. Ok! *Gets his alts and makes random banners for contest so he can win faster xD*

    JK, aint nobody got time fo that!
  10. I'm really good ill make you one tonight. :)
  11. Seriously?! The first one looks almost exactly like mine! I'll post it as soon as I make another submission.
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  12. Actually, I'll just post this first one - I'll do the second one tomorrow maybe.

    To download, just right click and do Save Image As.
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  13. You like mine?
  14. well you didnt really follow some of the contest criteria