{Contest} Name My Banner Shop!

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Which of these names do you like?

Poll closed Jul 24, 2016.
Stellar Standards 8 vote(s) 22.9%
Pretty Pennants 14 vote(s) 40.0%
Escutcheon (i.e. a coat of arms on a shield) 5 vote(s) 14.3%
None of these, see my post below 17 vote(s) 48.6%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Name My Banner Shop!
    I am building a new banner shop and thus need a new name for it :D

    Since this shop is for the community it's only right, I think, that you guys get a say in what it should be called!

    So vote for your favorite name(s) or suggest as many new ideas as you can come up with!! (No alts please)

    As an incentive I will award the top 5 names the following riches:

    1st: A Stable voucher, 1 horse egg ( Lady Suffolk- speed: 128.98 Jump: 71.93 Hp: 21.16 )Saddle, "Distinguished Crown" projectile protection IV Res. III Aqua Affinity & Mending, "Coat of Arms" Unb. III & Mending

    2nd: 1 Mule egg (Clementine- speed 113.97 jump 71.14 hp 22.17) Saddle, chest, "Runners Gold" Knockback I Fire Aspect I Unb. II, Shield with mending

    3rd: "Reuben" pig egg, saddle, carrot on a stick, shield with mending and 64 carrots

    4th: The "Going Merry" boat, water bucket, lead, shield with mending, 1 cake

    5th: "Dinnerbone's Remains" 1 stack of "consolation" cookies, shield with mending, "Iron Horse" minecart, 1 activator rail & 32 normal rails.

    The Contest will end July 24th So hurry and send your ideas in now!

    *The first image of Banners/Flags, as tweeted by Jens Bergensten.

    Disclaimer: I (kytula) am the judge of the winning names; votes are helpful but may not be the determining factor in picking the winners.
  2. Contest ended yesterday. All 96 names have been judged. If I could I would use all of them! lol there wasn't one I didn't like and I wish I could gift everyone who entered something really nice. Like a bag of money, or stacks of diamonds. But since all my funds are being put into building the new banner shop; Keep an eye out for mail with a special thank you from me! <3

    1. Kytula's Kreative Banners
    2. Mystical Banners
    3. The Awesome Banner Shop
    4. Kytula's Banner Shop
    5. Ky's Kooky Banners
    6. KyBanners
    7. Brilliant Banners
    8. Champion Charges
    9. Exciting Emblems
    10. Heavenly Heraldry
    11. Kytula's Banners for the people
    12. K's Banner Workshop
    13. Kytulas Banner Shop
    14. /v banner
    15. Kytula's Beautiful Banners
    16. Kytula's Krazy Kreations
    17. Banner Mania (or Maniac)
    18. Insignia
    19. Kawaii Banners
    20. Kawayluta's Banners
    21. Banner Banters
    22. PoodleCorp
    23. Ky's Kanny Kool picur shop
    24. Ky's shop thingie stuff lol brb
    25. Pretty Posters
    26. Fun Flags
    27. Banner Inc.
    28. Lovely Logos
    29. Banner McBannerface
    30. K's Blooming Banners
    31. Brilliant Blooming Banners
    32. Kytulas Fantastic Banner Shop
    33. Blooming Banners
    34. Kytula's Mystic and Wonderous Banner Bazaar
    35. the bruce banner shop or banner shop
    36. Kytulas Blasting Banners!
    37. /v notapumpkinshop
    38. Banner bank
    39. Bautiful banners
    40. Pretty Painted papers
    41. Kytula's Magical Banner Emporium
    42. Banners R Us
    43. Banner Stop
    44. Kytulas banner manor
    45. The Banner Babe
    46. Dream Banners
    47. Fantasy Banners
    48. The Banner Barn
    49. Kytula's Beautiful Banners
    50. /v +banner
    51. K's Beautiful Banners
    52. Broadway banners !
    53. K's Beautiful Broadway Banners!
    54. Banner Boss
    55. Kytula's Band of Banners
    56. Sizzling Papers
    57. Banner House
    58. Singling Forms
    59. People's Republic of Banners
    60. Banneropolis
    61. Kymart
    62. Bannerz
    63. Bananas 4 Banners
    64. Banner World
    65. Banner Stop
    66. QwikBannerStop
    67. Banner Republic
    68. Big beautiful banners!
    69. Kytula's Krazy Kool Kawaii Banners
    70. Bantastic
    71. Banner Bombs
    72. banner & brew
    73. Kinetic Banners
    74. Banners by the Dozen
    75. "The Banner Hammer"...
    76. "The Archbishop Of Bannerbry"...
    77. "Bannerlishous"
    78. "You have been permanently bannered by Kytula"
    79. BannerStop
    80. BannerMart
    81. Banner Bounders
    82. Bazaar o' Banners
    83. Banner BoomMart
    84. Bounties and Banners
    85. Banner Square
    86. Banned for Banners
    87. Banner Band
    88. Kytula's Kooky Krazy Banner Mall
    89. Cuckoo for Kytula's Banners
    90. Kytulas banner shop
    91. Banner Shop
    92. The Banner Republic
    93. Planet Banner
    94. Bannertopia
    95. Bannerarma
    Here are the top 5 names and the players who won!

    5th place winner is:
    if I had to pick just one of these it would be "pretty posters" this was a tough one!

    4th Place:
    Another tough one to choose from all you suggestions were great!

    3rd Place:
    Very fitting since it's being built on utopia atm. "and honestly if it were staying there this would be the winner :p but it will be moved to smp1 once completed."

    2nd Place:
    I actually laughed out loud for a while at this one :D this appeases my "punny" bone

    1st Place:

    as a reminder you can pick up your prizes at 2112
    Thanks again to all who entered!
    ^_^v See ya in game
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  3. Kytula's Kreative Banners


    Mystical Banners
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  4. - SteveClasher's the winner named it : The Awesome Banner Shop so OP it will Wreck the Market
    (sry I must try)

    - Kytula's Banner Shop
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  5. -Ky's Kooky Banners


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  6. Whats wrong with Brilliant Banners, Champion Charges or Exciting Emblems!

    Late addition: Heavenly Heraldry!
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  7. Kytula's Banners for the people

    K's Banner Workshop
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  8. How about Kytulas Banner Shop :D
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  9. /v banner
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  10. Kytula's Beautiful Banners
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  11. Kytula's Krazy Kreations
  12. How about... Banner Mania (or Maniac) ?
    (mania can be defined as a passion or fascination, in this case, for banners!)
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  13. You could simply call it Insignia.

    Definition stolen from Wikipedia:

    "An insignia is a symbol or token of person power, status, or office. An insignia is usually the emblem of specific or general authority."

    "Badges, flags, coats of arms, and seals are all forms of insignia."

    It sounds very much like a banner shop, considering banners are a form of insignia, but that's just my opinion.

    Good luck, everyone.
  14. Kawaii Banners
    Kawayluta's Banners
    Banner Banters
  15. Ky's Kanny Kool picur shop
    Ky's shop thingie stuff lol brb
    I deserve to win
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  16. Pretty Posters
    Fun Flags
    Banner Inc.
    Lovely Logos
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  17. Banner McBannerface

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  18. K's Blooming Banners
    Brilliant Blooming Banners
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  19. The List so far! I placed * next to my favorites so far <3 Lol LOTS of good choices! This is gonna be a tough one, with more names yet to come.

    1. Kytula's Kreative Banners
    2. Mystical Banners
    3. The Awesome Banner Shop
    4. Kytula's Banner Shop
    5. Ky's Kooky Banners
    6. KyBanners
    7. Brilliant Banners *
    8. Champion Charges*
    9. Exciting Emblems*
    10. Heavenly Heraldry*
    11. Kytula's Banners for the people
    12. K's Banner Workshop
    13. Kytulas Banner Shop
    14. /v banner*
    15. Kytula's Beautiful Banners*
    16. Kytula's Krazy Kreations*
    17. Banner Mania (or Maniac)
    18. Insignia*
    19. Kawaii Banners*
    20. Kawayluta's Banners*
    21. Banner Banters*
    22. PoodleCorp
    23. Ky's Kanny Kool picur shop
    24. Ky's shop thingie stuff lol brb
    25. Pretty Posters*
    26. Fun Flags*
    27. Banner Inc.*
    28. Lovely Logos*
    29. Banner McBannerface*
    30. K's Blooming Banners
    31. Brilliant Blooming Banners *
    Edit: I want players to suggest whatever they like! I just seem to lean more towards puns, and cleaver play on words :p I like all the suggestions so far though! So keep them coming!
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  20. Kytulas Fantastic Banner Shop
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