[ CONTEST ] Best ScreenShot!

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    Do You Want To Win Some Prizes?! Of Course You Do!
    There Will Be 2 Different Ways To Win A Prize, But You Can Only Enter Into 1 Of the ScreenShot Contests! On May 1st, 2016 I Will Pick My Favorite ScreenShot From Each Catagory And That Person Will Get A Prize!

    Cat ScreenShot:
    Build A Cat On EMC. It Doesnt Matter What Color, Size, or Shape The Cat Is, As Long As It Is A Cat XD
    Then Take A ScreenShot Of It And Post It Here!
    -Cupid's Bow
    -18 Cupid Arrow's
    -Pixel_Cat23's Head

    Group ScreenShot:
    Get Your Friends On EMC And Take A Lovely Screenie Together Then Post It Here!!

    -A Diamond Block
    -A Cake
    -2 Splash Potions Of Instant Health
    -Block Of Frienship

    !Now Get Screenie!
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  2. pictures are broken
  3. Yea I cant see the image. The picture is broken. Did you use imgur?
  4. Here is a tip about imgur if u didnt know already. Once u get to the screen with the pic on it right click the photo and click save link location then copy and paste it in the insert photo button here.
  5. Didnt work again :/

  6. Finally I got this picture here
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  7. Does it have to be on EMC
  8. Try to be but if u really cant then its fine
  9. Deadline is coming up. So get screenie and post a pic!!
  10. Dealine Is Coming!! D: You have the rest of today and tomorrow than Sunday I'll pick the winner!! Only 1 entry so far! D: So got on posting ya pics

  11. that's from my first big dig

    and this is from my first 100 days on EMC
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  12. Kryssy's trivia event. Chin was funny there too. ;)
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  13. Posts Are Now Not Accepted! I Have Chosen The Winners!

    Cat ScreenShot Winner: SealInAction
    Group ScreenShot Winner: Kytula

    There Are Access Signs On Chests For The Prizes At /v +pig Next To Spawn By My Mail Box!
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  14. Thanks! got mine :) and left a ty gift <3
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  15. OMG I'm so happy! Thank you so much!
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