[CONTEST] Avatar Picture Win 5k!

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  1. So i need a New Avatar. I am an excellent at Drawing but this time im going to leave up to you guys!

    Must have My hole skin in it. (there will be a picture of it)

    Must have at least 1 item in the picture (I prefer Something diamond)
    Well couldn't think of anything else here so.

    No using other images to put in the main image (Tools,items,etc.)
    Do not send other peoples images in.
    You must draw it yourself. No using google or anything else.
    Do not pay or scam anyone into doing for you.
    Have Fun! XD

    When you send it in Private message me the picture plz.

    It also has to be cropped down to size. You will find the right size if you go to your avatar.
    Heres a Picture of my skin.

    Winner info-
    Main winner gets 5k Rupees
    Runner up gets 1k with 1 DC of Ender Pearls
    Others will be given a thank you on this thread!
  2. If i dont receive anything i will close the thread
  3. You shouldn't close it, you only posted it 8 hours ago. Give other time zones a chance :p
  4. Yeah, i only just got this! we all need a few days time.

    Question: Does it need to be hand drawn?
  5. If you could post a link to your skin so we can make 3d models out of it, that would be great.
  6. You could probably use a skin grabber for 3D models, that's usually what I use :p
  7. Yes, but those allow people to steal skins freely, even if the person who created their skin originally wants it to be for themselves only. People have used my skin with those, and I don't like it. So I'm not going to take skins from other people without them even knowing.
  8. Your hole skin? Please explain
  9. I'll see what I can do! Like jknrlz said - does it have to be hand drawn?
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  10. I think he means "Whole", and he just wants to see his player completely in the screen.
  11. I will Show the 3d model of the skin and it can be hand drawn or on the computer
  12. We don't need you to show us a 3d model, we need the actual file for your skin.
  13. Well I can't do it now I'm on my iPad
  14. I'm assuming you're new to Minecraft.
  15. No I'm not been playing for a year and a half
  16. And you can't rush me it 11:16 pm where I live
  17. Never mind, then. Do you have the file for your skin on your iPad?