Confessions? Confessions!

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  1. Hey guys it is Manglex. Some of you know me as Seth, because that is actually my name.

    I was born July 1, 1997. I was due September.. Meaning I am two months early and was SUPPOSED to die.

    I am 5' 10"(I think that is how you do height?) and currently a sophomore.

    I have scored "scarily" high on the S.A.T every time I have taken it & no one in my family has ever scored below a 30 on the ACT. So I am kinda scared.

    I am on the debate team. I'm told I am good but do not see it.

    I love to draw.

    I have two brothers and one sister.

    (For Maxarias) I wear shoes, my shoe size is 11 1/2, & I like spaghetti o's.

    There you have it. Me. I kinda suck with this stuff, so ask questions if you want!
  2. Very interesting, very very interesting. *writes this down in stalker book*
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  3. Im 14 and my shoe size is 7 and 1/2! At school im called little foot. >:/
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  4. A little young for a pig?
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  5. I thought you left? Well, its good to have you back :)
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  6. You and I could share shoes xD YAY spaghetti o's!
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  7. I am not back. Haha. Debate takes up too much time for games. :(
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  8. WAIT!??! This is not a game!?!? *mind blown*
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  9. All three of us could!
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  10. I'd think it would be a sport?
    Edit: Really do miss you guys! :D
  11. A sport, eh?
  13. lol, im going into 6th and have a size 9 1/2 and 4e wide XD
  14. OKay So these are the only possible explenations.
    You live in europe and in europe 1 us size = 1.2 eu sizes
  15. nope, do u want me to post a pic of my shoe on the forums?
  16. I have a confession.....I sat in ICC's Royal Thrown on SMP-1......jk....
  17. I thought it was a tomato book.