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  1. Hi everyone, some may know me and some may not. Back in September, my laptop broke and it couldn't be repaired. Haven't been able to play at all, but I am getting a new laptop within the next 2 weeks. I have been looking at multiple online places and could use some suggestions.

    Must Haves:
    • Be able to run Minecraft and maybe other low quality games (maybe some good games on low settings too?)
    • Under 400 USD (If it is over 400 by less than 20 USD I will look into it)
    Laptops I have my eyes on:

    Any help is appreciated, also- I was looking into AMD vs Intel, AMD is cheaper but my school friend told me not to go AMD unless I am buying a volcano. Tips?
    Any suggestions or links to other sites are welcome.
    Thanks guys, hope to be back here soon. If need be, I'll bump this thread sometime over weekend.
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  2. you should get a desktop instead if your only going to pay 400 dollars, you can get more power for less money
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  3. I would, but I dont have room for a desk and monitor. Laptops are compact and easy to use for school work.
  4. You could clear off a space in your room and shove a desk there...
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  5. Well, my room is the "storage" room. Not able to just clear stuff.
    Thanks, but newegg has high prices for what I want (1TB, 8GB Ram, etc)
  6. Just from the list that you have there, I'd go the first one. My reasoning is as follows:

    1. I'm with your friend. You don't go with an AMD (laptop) unless you want a volcano. They start off fine, but unless you clean that thing religiously AT LEAST once a week, have fun with melted legs.
    2. I could never recommend a Pentium processor to anyone if they plan on doing gaming, even if just Minecraft, and some games just above.
    3. The i5 is a minimum I'd go if you plan on doing some other light gaming of other kinds. While the i5 on that laptop is slightly older compared to some of the other processors there, I find the i5 handles just a little better, despite this one being only a dual core. BUT if you enable hyper threading, you shouldn't notice too much of a difference between a normal quad core and the 2 physical 2 virtual set up on this one (for the applications that actually use that extra core power anyway).
    4. The RAM is rather generous, and slightly higher than most of the other types I've seen around lately for 'entry level gaming' laptops. It runs on par with my desktop setup (But I have 16GB. It's overkill until I launch an Adobe product or 4).
    5. Its got a nice and large HD. The worst thing I hate about laptops is the small HD size. I always run out of space and require an extra HD to be carried around with me. This should easily hold what you need.
    6. IF you decide to upgrade the current HD to an SSD later on, this thing would run pretty damn well for. Otherwise I think it should do the trick.
  7. Well I tried...
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  8. I feel its appropriate to bump this...

    I am looking more into this- it seems I can save a bit by going for a 500GB HD than a 1TB, by no means will I be downloading a ton of games; mostly minecraft related things and school work. Is a 1TB really needed for what I am using it for? I have gotten by previously with 500GB and never filled it up... just a thought crossing my mind.

    So far the first one on the list looks the best but I did more digging:

    Thanks for any help guys. I've combed through all of amazon so this is my final go at it, the one I'll buy is somewhere in one of these two links- I think.. :)