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  1. Hi EMC! So i came to you guys for a reason, it seems like a lot of you build your own computer. I am thinking about building one myself but I am not 100% sure what types of inside stuff I should get. Can you please recommend me some brands and necessary items to build it. I do not want to spend a fortune but I want a good gaming computer so please keep the prices reasonable. IF possible please also include the price so I know what I am looking at and possibly some places to buy the items. :D also show me your built PC below! I love looking at them. :)
  2. Whats your price range?
    AMD or Intel?
    Are you upgrading your old one or building from scratch?
    ATI or invida?
    Air cooled or Water?
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  3. Sorry I cannot grab a picture of my computer at the moment, but to get the ball rolling, I can refer you to a very popular site for various computer parts:

    In addition, what sorts of things are you planning on doing with this computer (I.e. Do you play a lot of games, games which might require a substantial amount of processing power, etc.)?
  4. Also know that there are lots of helpful vids on youtube, they can help you decide what parts you need, then you can go from there.
  5. We need details. :p also something that will help is your location. (Country will do) i know that I was restricted by what I could get down here in Australia. I'm lucky they just had enough parts left.
  6. Can you give an approximate price range? That would help a lot. Some websites that help a lot are pcpartpicker, Linus tech tips, and search up "building a pc newegg" for a good video. A bit outdated, but it shows how to build, etc. and knowing the country you live in helps for pricing.
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  7. I love pcpartpicker and Linus tech tips. Really good stuff :)
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    This covers gaming an basically everything. Only thing missing include optical drive, case fans, operating system and a monitor. If you are NOT going to overclock, save money on a locked processor and you dot need a third party cooler. I advise you to get a modular PSU, I don't have one and there are cables everywhere. This build is basically a great all rounder, but focuses on gaming. On thing to mention, this is about $1200 build.
  9. I agree with that. Completely.
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  10. Alright so i will be using this computer for solely gaming and my macbook for developing an programing but otherwise thats about it. Mainly gaming so decent amount of specs nothing weak
  11. Hmm probably around $1,000-$2000
  12. Any price range?

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  13. United states btw :)
  14. Are you worried about looks? Because everyone loves a pc that has lights flashing.
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  15. :eek: it HAS to have flashing lights. Its da law.
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  16. Haha lol...possibly some LEDs on the inside that light up but nufin like strobes or glowing
  17. aww :( take all the fun out why dont ya...
    xD Nah, I kid. Ok. to the planning stations!
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  18. Do you need a wifi adapter? Because most motherboards don't have it built in. Otherwise you use Ethernet. Any request on an os? Any need for bluray? Do you need a monitor in the price? If so, what resolution?
  19. Ok, here is a better way of doing things - Please fill out potato.

    What games intended to play:
    Liquid or fan cooled:
    What colour scheme:
    Case size:
    Any particular brands to stick to:
    amount of ram: