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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. !Win!

    One month of



    In Association with K-Industries and the Peoples Popular Front of EMC
    we are pleased to announce the opportunity for you to win one month of Diamond Supporter for free!

    If you would like to take part, simply read the rules below and post your entry in this thread!


    How to enter:

    In precisely 50 words, post in this thread why you play on EMC and what you'd do with your new found Diamond Supporter status were you to win!

    It's as easy at that!

    The Rules:

    • This competition is open only to Non-Supporters
    • You must have an Account with over 3 days activity on EMC by the closing date
    • You cannot have been banned or kicked from EMC at any stage - Only Kicks implemented by a member of Staff count. System kicks do not
    • You must write exactly 50 words. No more, no less
    • Excessive word-repetition is not allowed
    • The Winner will be Gifted a months subscription which will be paid for then canceled upon payment to prevent recurring billing. The Subscription will remain active for the one month period and automatically expire at the end
    • The winner will be drawn by means of random choice or black magic. Whichever is easiest
    • If event of any dispute over the status of the Winner, a re-draw will occur
    • Only one post per player allowed in the Competition thread, multiple posts will result in disqualification
    • Off-Topic posts will result in disqualification
    • PM'ing Kilmannan and begging will result in a slap
    • The decision of Kilmannan & K-Industries is final
    • Draw date is 0000hrs GMT 15th October
    Terms & Conditions: All persons entering the competition hereby agree that Kilmannan becomes sole-beneficiary of their estates and is legally recognized as their next-of-kin. :) Edited in: By entering this competition, you agree that a moderator may check your records to verify that you have not been banned/kicked from EMC at any point, and may release this information (minus details) to kilmannan.
  2. i would help expand my shop by having more rupees so many more can experience and buy from my shop. i would claim another res and make a giant farming area for everyone to use and would donate more to another people, also to further improve my res. :D

    thank you! :D
  3. I play on EMC as it is a fantastically fun community to be a part of, there are great people, and I love it! If I were to win diamond supporter ship I would claim more residences and perhaps even build community facilities for everyone on the empire to use!
  4. Ssh Alex. Don't give my plan away!

    Nah Alex, I feel strongly on that particular rule as it's my money I'm spending. I'm sure you understand. :)
  5. I play EMC because all the people are caring and nice! What i would do with my Diamond Supporter was i would help others and tell them how to do things! [not in a bossy manner] I would also finish off my mall! And not rub it in. :D [and donate!]
  6. I play in EMC simply because it´s the best server ever. With the diamond membership I will expand my mall and also help other players who need cash. I will also make one res where I will build a free drop party arena. So I will mainly help other players:)
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  7. If I were to win such a diamond subscription, my main uses would be to donate to other players, as rupees don't really seem like something I need. I play on EMC because my friend suggested it, and although I only have been here shortly, I love this Minecraft server!
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  8. ;)

    Also, good old fashioned honesty wins out -

  9. EMC have evolved from just one of the severs I play on to my all time favourite sever. With a diamond supportership, I will be able to do much more. Firstly, I would want to have a TNT party on one of my residence and also donate to big projects.
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  10. I play on EMC because its a great way for my friends and I to get together build some really amazing things. What I would do with the Diamond supportor perk would be to build a nice community area like a Spleef arena or a store always on sale. Always.
  11. I play on EMC for the awesome community, great staff, and the great way that the mods make it the best online Minecraft anywhere. I would use the 3 new residences to build awesome new things, since I have filled my current residence, and build a community sheep farm. Potato.
  12. Surprised more people aren't trying their luck for this!
  13. I play on EMC because the community is great, competent staff members and everyone is very supportive. With a Diamond Membership I would; Claim 3 more res on other servers and put one of a community thing on them for each res. I would also love to see supporter chat.
  14. I play EMC because it is fun, the plugins are simple yet useful, and I play because the awesome staff that will always help you when you need it and the great community I’m in. I would use my diamond supportership to strengthen smp9’s economy, tourism, and have more fun.
  15. Hello, I am samrawcliffe2. I play empire minecraft because my friends are here, and even those I might not call my friends are really nice. I'd use this free diamond supportership to get a few more residences, because I've got tons of ideas that I'd love to put in place.
  16. Well, i play emc cause i really like the town idea and the money(100 a day, shop...)idea. I made quite a number friends on it and i really enjoy playing on emc. I would like to make public farms and a shop with 3 other residences.
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  17. hi im fishyhiggs and i am on smp4 8200. i play empire minecraft because i love minecraft and its better playing with most of your friends as its easier and much more fun. i also play emire minecaft because everyone give you a welcoming hello when you come on.
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  18. I play on Empire Minecraft, because it is the best server. It has no plug-ins that are not custom, awesome staff, and it's a great place to play with friends. If I won, I would get 4 residences, and help my friend build his shop. I would claim a utopia.
  19. if i could have a diamond supporter then it would help build my shop because i am currently broke and i suck at saving up i would also use tnt to help me mine.i play on EMC becuase of how peacefull it is because there's not 10000 people on.
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  20. If I were to be one month Diamond supporter I would help the community by supporting builds with the Rupees I earn. I would also go to the utopia server and see how much i can mine. I would be very pleased i if i could get this diamond month.
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