Community Project Funding Organization

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  1. Community Project Funding Organization

    As a player of 2,402 days, I've experience whatever EMC has to offer. From community events run by IceCreamCow, to the development of our unique, custom mobs I have always enjoyed the EMC community. However, I've learned throughout the years that I didn't enjoy EMC because of how the server is fundamentally, but because of the community and the people I've met on EMC. I give credit to EMC, it's creators, and the community surrounding me for aiding to make me the person who I am today.

    With that, I wish to support you all and give back to those who helped me for the six and a half years I've been on Empire Minecraft.

    I have created an organization called The Community Project Funding Organization (CPFO) to help players who need funds to start or speed any project they've been putting off due to lack of funds.

    How it works:
    Post a response consisting of:
    1. The project you want to begin (in detail)
    2. Why you want to start the project
    3. Who you might be doing the project with
    4. The materials you need for the project (estimate, doe not need to be specific)
    5. An estimated rupee total you need to complete the project.

    How do you win?
    I will choose 2 winners on March 1st
    (May be a biweekly or monthly contest)

    The maximum amount of rupees each player can request is 600,000r. However, this guideline is based on the honor system - meaning do not be the one who plans to build a small shop that may cost 100,000r to make, but you still request the maximum amount of 600,000 rupees.

    I would not be able to regularly hold this type of contest if players are dishonest.

    I wish all of you the best of luck and hope to help each and every one of you the best that I can!


    fBuilderS: 1,000,000r

  2. Wow what a great service! I am really happy that other players are stepping up to the plate in funding future projects of players! Cant wait to see what comes out of this!
  3. Cool, I hope some great projects come your way. :)
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  4. Bump. What projects are you working on? ;)
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  5. A bigger shop on SMP8. Because I really would like to be a shop owner and I have never owned a bigger shop before. I am doing it by myself. A lot, woods, concretes, sandstone. I think around 200k because the builder has already sent me the world download all I need to do is pay them 65k. I also would use the 200k to cover some of the materials cost, it would most likely not be enough to cover all the costs but that is ok because I can use my rupees too
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  6. I like this :) I've sent you "some" rupees as a contribution.
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  7. This is really cool! I'll enter one day or another :p
  8. Wow this is great! May I donate?
  9. Thank you for your VERY generous donation!

    Donations are always accepted! All donations will go into this organization so we can stay up and running!

    I've inserted those who've given a donation in the main thread. For those who donate please let me know so I don't miss it!
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  10. I'm am trying to get my mall finshed and stocked on smp2 to help smp2 thrive again so i would like to request 400,000
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  11. Can you give me a little more information? How many floors? What's it made out of? Any unique features?

    I want to be able to picture your project in my mind :)
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  12. I mean ifvyou can get in-game i can show you

    If not it will be over 35 floors

    And it will be almost completly concrete
  13. The description isn't just for me to get excited over, but for everyone on EMC. We all want to see your project completed and flourishing!
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  14. alright i'll post some pictures
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  15. Bump! We need more participants! It’s free money!
  16. My current project is bringing a "stock market" like shop to each SMP I've been working on this for about 1 year now gathering materials to start it off (on and off of course) My goal is to have a well priced shop based on the stock in the shop for every itemI'm currently "testing the waters" on smp7 at /v +sefl (14437)

    However I'm also working getting a massive HQ together for it on an undecided server either smp3 or smp6...

    For funding I would be looking at well over 600k for starting up the business but 500k would be just fine at getting "District 1" up and running on smp7!

    Why I want to start this is for players to get a very good understanding of what the "Correct" / "closest to average" price is for items
    The stuff I will be using the 500k for is the items themselves or the tools to gather whats needed for stocking the shop at the beginning!
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  17. I’d like to request 150k I’m building a really HUGE build in the true haven outpost and I can use a little extra cash to buy some more stone and netherrack
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  18. If you looking for people then I guess I'll participate :p

    I want to build a mall (yes, another mall :p) on smp2, because you know, smp2 is almost dead XD
    If you looking for materials, I guess it will look a lot like Poof's old mall - Generally made out of wood and wool, that is my favourite thing to build with. Of course, I would love to use some new blocks from the 1.13 and 1.14 updates so we might have to wait a while...
    On terms of money, I think I'd like at least 150-300k?
    If your wondering what I'd like to sell, then I was hoping to make this mall more of a bulk standard rather than the regular things :)

    If you have any more questions then shoot me a PM or ask me on here, I'm watching the thread anyways :p
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