Come to my party celebrating my 100th day in EMC (Dp, firefloor and skin competition)

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by PacoSmart, Oct 2, 2015.

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  1. Come to this big event. There will be a dp, a firefloor and a skin competition:
    WHERE:/v 19753 or /v pacoSmart
    WHEN:11th October (changed for a little problem) at 12 PM EMC time.
    for firefloor:A vault voucher, a named diamond saying you won and half of the money donations (other half will be used to buy items for the dp, at least 1k).
    for skin competition:A vault voucher, 2 wolf spawn eggs, 2 cat spawn eggs (you can choose their name) and donations.
    DONATIONS:Any donation will be accepted. You can donate at /v 19753 in the chests you will find in the entrance.
    Feel free to ask any questions and to tell me if I missed anything.
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  2. Congrats in advance! :)

    Unfortunately I can't be at the event since it will start @ 6 AM in my time zone
  3. Thanks
    I'm sorry you can't come .I'll remember you while doing it.
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  4. Congratz on 100 days :)
    Sadly I won't be able to make considering it will be 11 PM for me when the event starts.:(
  5. I don't frequent events, it's just me, but this won't work for me either way unfortunately because it's on smp9 and I'm more or less locked into the wastelands there (fantasy story project). Even so: I still want to congratulate you on your upcoming 100 days and I want to share that I admire your determination here. Setting all of that up... yeah, sounds easier than it actually is.

    So... An advanced congrats on your 100days on EMC! :) Hope you're going to make it 300 :)

    (lets think big) :)
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  6. Thanks you two.
    I'm sorry you can't come WitherDoggie and I hope so to make it 300 ShelLuser
    I'm a bit stupid and wrote AM instead of PM.I have corrected the mistake.
    sorry for inconveniences
  8. I'll be there.
  9. I'm thinking in adding some pvp for when every other thing has finished.I thought on some team pvp and some all versus all pvp.What do you think about it?
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