Come On Smp2! Lets Work Together To Make It The Best EMC Server

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pateraterick, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Starting Now!
    Decorate Your Residence With Anything, from Wools To Flowers!
    And Make it the Best EMC server ! Join me on decorating
    My Residence on 4090 @ Smp2 !

    Dream, Believe, Achieve!!!

  2. I was hoping this would never happen-competition between servers. D:
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  3. It's already perfect cos my mall's on it ;P
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  4. It's already perfect cos I'm on it. ;)
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  5. Keep dreaming ;) And you ditched us for SMP7 :p
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  6. Hey hey hey! I'm still around. I was on smp2 yesterday you poop. :p
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  7. Easy does it.

    I have to agree, SMP2 is already quite close to the best (considering I have never been on SMP4-6).
  8. Utopia is probably at the bottom :( I have never seen utopia full :c
  9. SMP2 is the bomb, for those of who never have been. And you're all wrong, it's because I'm there.
    (and Alex's mall, that's pretty sweet too.)
  10. AND ME!
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  11. Smp3 Repesent
  12. I'm on smp2 :3 and I was on it since the launch :)
  13. R u trying to say smp2 first then smp3
  14. no its about a draw but only with the big builds :)
  15. Oh yes, of course. But you're always on smp7, which makes me sad. smp2 is SOO much more exciting with me, Alex, and you. (and of course other people, but without one of us it's just boring.)
  16. Yeah. I'll be back. I promise :) I always stop in too. The last two times I came on though it was only me and Alex. We had a good chat though.
  17. Lol, I haven't been on this weekend due to being pretty much booked, I'll be active this week. :D
  18. Crazy people, it's all about smp1
  19. My mall wins xD