Cod or Asassians creed

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  1. Should I get Asassians creed or blackops 2
  2. I'm been an AC fan ever since i first switched it on, so I would say AC. Still best enjoyed on a pc with a Xbox 360 controller. :)
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  3. Well,I would recommend BF3 or Minecraft but go with Asassians Since I hated black ops :)
  4. Assassins Creed 3 for sure of cousre their is Boderlands 2 ;)
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  5. Borderlands 2 is EPIC. but if I have to pick one of those, I'd choose Black Ops 2.
  6. Depends on what kind of games you like. COD is a FPS game and Assassins Creed is a RPG game.
  7. Why not both? I know I will be.
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  8. As someone who isn't a fan of Assassins Creed too much, get Assassins Creed.
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  9. main question lava - is what games do you normally play? me i would go with black ops considering i've played all call of duty, medal of honor, and battlefield games ... i've never played assasins creed, but i have played some rpg games such as fallout and old school splinter cell games, and prince of persias ... so i i'd say, whatever type of game best suits you ;)
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  10. Y
    Yea I have thought about that
  11. I couldn't choose than :p I like both of these games :D
  13. Assassins Creed by far takes the Ace for me.
  14. Assassin's Creed III.

    Black Ops 2 will be the same as MW3. They reuse the buildings, the engine, the graphics, the storyline and the multiplayer will be the same. It's also got huge fanboys and a very immature playerbase of 10-11 year old kids.

    Assassin's Creed = 3rd person RPG yumminess with cool tactical assassination shaped multiplayer, AND a great plot with cool characters.
  15. Assassin's Creed III is the way to go.
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  16. I prefer Black Ops 2.
  17. Never played any of them but,
    Black opes because my friends say it is Awesome!
  18. I love all of the Assassins Creed games so far, but I'm really not looking forward to AC III. I may not even get it. I don't think it looks any good. As with COD games, I find them pretty repetitive and boring. The only game-mode I really enjoy on them is One In The Chamber, because I usually use a Pistol anyways.

    As has been previously stated, though, it's down to personal preference. Depends on what games you like. Don't limit yourself to these two, though. I've been told that Dishonoured is supposedly pretty good, but I've not looked much into it myself. Here's the Dishonoured trailer, if you're interested. Release date is in October (date varies dependant on your country).

    It's a Bethesda game (the guys who made the Elder Scrolls games), so that draws me towards it... But then again, Bethesda made Brink which received some pretty shocking reviews, so I suppose they're hit and miss. This looks pretty cool, though.
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  19. Really? This is just my opinion, but to me Assassin's Creed III looks like the general quility of the series has been taken to a whole new level. Maybe it's the redcoat killing haha...
  20. It just seems a little too patriotic for the US. It's like '"What about the rest of the world?"
    Also I can see it glorifying a lot of things in the war and exaggerating things that weren't quite as heroic as they were made out to be.
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