Cobblestone By The Double Chest

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  1. Prices start at 1,999/DC. That's about 37r/stack. Reselling is allowed.

    Orders are processed in order of price/DC. Translation: You can outbid each other if you want your cobblestone faster. Otherwise, it's first come, first serve. There is no imposed order limit.

    Delivery is 50r/first DC + variable 20r/DC. For example, one DC is 50r. Two is 70r. Three is 90, etc... You can also pick up your order.

    To place order, reply with:
    10% of payment total is due up front. The remaining 90% is to be paid when the order is complete.
  2. Reserved for present order list.
  3. Im not usually one to do this, but that sure is a lot for cobble... Unless the prices rose 200% since i last shopped around.
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  4. Really? I had someone buying it all out at 49r/stack yesterday...
  5. Lucky O.O I remember back to when it was like 5-10r a stack... Oh the good ole days:p
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  6. If this was about 25-30r less I could use it for my store.
  7. dude, that is a high price
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  8. That is close to .60r per peice of cobble. About 34r a stack, overpriced. usually it is about 25-28r a stack.
  9. Lo jk... I'm older than you and never remember it being that low.
  10. Did you ever live on smp5? We used to have several shops sell it for around 9r a stack.
  11. Smp2. Smp5 was never even heard of when I joined.
  12. Thats because it came around about 5-6 days after i joined:p Pshhht you only have 2 weeks on me! Anyways, smp5 must have had a huge cobble surplus.
  13. I remember on smp5 in around april, once a week this guy opened his res with a DC of cobble at 10r a stack.... ahhhh the good ol days.
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  14. If anyone has low priced cobble, then please feel free to sell it to the shop. I've had a lot of it bought out already at prices higher than this.
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