Cobble/Stone Generators

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  1. Hi I need a new cobble/stone generator. I cant seem to find a really good one.
    Does anybody now how to make a good one. Or give me a link to a tutorial on a really good one.
    Doesnt matter which one it is i just need a good one.
  2. ask importer but it will cost you about 72 sticky pistons
  3. /wild
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  4. Umm noo...
  5. I built this one on my res yesterday. It works well in single player but in multiplayer it lags a lot, so instead of the repeater on the farthest setting, I use the closest in EMC.
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  6. Yeah.
    Good idea i will try that.
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  7. I have one on my res on smp5:) 11195:)
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  8. No what? There's TONS of cobble at /wild!
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  9. Omg
    This is an awesome one :D
    You think you could make me one on smp9
    I will pay you :)
  10. Yeah! That one works well! Thanks in part to ZirumsHeroTWR. I have one working on smp6.
  11. I just want to point out to those of you who don't know that smooth stone mines *that* much faster than cobblestone, if you care.
  12. Its actually a very bad idea.

    1: its clock based - and will freeze.
    2: ticks and lava/water flow doesnt follow - meaning it will push to many times without a cobble being gen'd.

    Check out SMP1 1989 - there are a few different types of SMP cobblegens, no-clocks, BUD switches etc - 0 tick delayed and no pushes being wasted ^^
  13. True. I prefer mining in the mines, though sometimes if I need some cobblestone in order to replenish a store quickly then I turn to the generator. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that have smooth stone generators too.

    Smooth Stone Generator: April 28th, 2012 by dfbhib bsdifb

  14. Glad to help. :D
  15. This thing is so unreliable! >:C Super rare to loose the water source my left toe! Lost it every second time.
  16. ! That is so Copied from 777Static777 !