Cobble Stone Generator Service [CSGS]

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    I am making cobble stone generators for cheap prices.

    A cobble stone generator that makes 4 cobble stone- 5r
    A cobble stone generator that makes 12 cobble stone- 20 r
    A cobble stone generator that makes 120 cobble stone 100r

  2. I don't get the first one.. so it makes 4 cobblestone at a time or only 4 pieces of cobblestone?
  3. 4 at a time
  4. Cool can I get a 20r one? (Also what blocks do you need to make it)
  5. what smp and you need lava ill take acre of the rest
  6. So is it auto?

    Also i can make stone gens so why go cobble?
  7. because it turns out the same way
  8. stone is quicker to mine, i have silk touch
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  9. Yes! I needed a cobble generator, mine stinks. I will take one for 5r. I will tell you when im ready for you to come make it. My res is 10034 on smp5. I will be on sometime tommorow so it will probably be then. Btw, do i provide the materials for it?
  10. SMP5, can you be on now?
  11. Go on then cba to make my own

    9140 SMP4
    120 one!!
  12. only lava everything else i have
  13. ill make it as soon as possible
  14. Can you be on now?
  15. I'm on now
  16. 1 sec
  17. R u on? Im at my res, i have a lava bucket, and im ready for the generator.
  18. I will take a 100r Gen ASAP on 7033 smp3
  19. Actually nvm forget my order
  20. I would like to have a 5r cobblestone generator but I can't be on actual minecraft until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning i will tell you when I am on. :D