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  1. This is my club i have made and our purpose is to try to go as far as we can and we will camp out
    this club will happen on smp2 and to join fill out an aplication down bellow

    Position: (member/co-founder/website designer for the club/leader/co-leader)
    membership type: (diamond member/gold member/iron member/new member/well known)
    Wat you think the name should be
    Copy this into the reply box

    Membership Type:
    What You Think The Name Should Be:

    regular members:?
    website helper: highbuddy
    leader: finsup2010
    co-leader: mudcrosser12
    founder: finsup2010
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  2. For how long?
  3. Username: sqiggleyjeff
    Position: co-founder
    Membership Type: well-known member
    What You Think The Name Should Be: After Life
  4. 10 days
  5. your in
  6. Username: Highbuddy
    Position: website designer for the club
    Membership Type: Diamond Member
    What You Think The Name Should Be: Nepto
  7. your in also u can be in the club like venture off with the group
  8. Username:hayjam
    Position: member
    Membership type: active member (about to be well-known member)
    What you think the name should be: after life (same as spiggleyjeff)
  9. ok ur in
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