[closed] Residence 5653 - Behind /v +poof (Massive shop)

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  1. Hello, I am selling my utopia residence for 250,000 rupees, and I will negotiate between that amount of rupees. This one I am selling, right behind poof's place :D
    But here is a picture of /v +poof to give you an idea, and then behind it is a clear residence, which is mine, the forest biomed one

    This isn't the res I'm selling...

    This residence comes with a view of poof's place from ground level, 12 free signs and 1 empty chest. The biome is forest also. So, PM if you want this residence or a negotiation :)

  2. That's quite a high price for a res.... Most rare number res and spawn res don't go for that much... You may want to lower your price.
  3. That's my comment the highest I would go is 250k....Its easier to find a residence next to an awesome build then pay more then a million
  4. Changed price, bumped from 1.5 mil to just 500K
  5. Manually switched photographs to remove reported confusion. The residence being sold is empty with a VIEW of the tower at /v +poof.
  6. I don't think you're going to get much for 12 signs and an empty chest... Especially not 500k lol
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  7. Well it is for the view of /v +poof :p
  8. That's a great view but approx. 250 DCs of dirt, 1 chest and some signs don't add up to 500k lol Now if you have 6 stacks of diamond blocks in that chest...
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  9. Residences on utopia are not worth that much even if they have a 'great view.' Even people who sold town spawn residences on utopia did not sell it for anywhere near 500k. If it is some random residence, then it isnt in any way appealing to get the residence to be honest because anyone with gold or diamond membership can claim a random residence on utopia. So I dont think you can get any amount of money for that residence to be completely honest. Sorry bro. :(
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  10. Changed price -.-
  11. 250k for a side view of a utopian building.

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