[Closed] [EVENT] A Call To Arms, A Call To Gather!

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  1. Event Type
    Organized Group

    Event Description
    Smp1, I am calling you to join me in a venture into the wastes. Surrounding the center outpost lies a vast jungle, home to many monsters and materials. We should take back this area, culling all of the resources we desire and fighting off the monsters who live there.

    What I propose is a large party gather together and slowly push Southwards from the outpost, cutting down trees, destroying the brush, and killing as many mobs as we can. This will be a surface level trip, so unless you choose to go underground we will all be on the ground not in it. We will use the group feature for this trip, to introduce people to it, and to help everyone gain Exp. All materials you collect belong to you. I am organizing this to foster interaction between players, and to provide a forum for group activity between people who may be new to each other. Tentative time the adventure will last is 2 hours. Come one and all, and work together.

    Event Time and Date
    On Thursday, December 26th, at approximately 9 p.m. Eastern, we will depart from the center outpost on Smp1. Anyone at the outpost who expresses a desire to be a part of the group will get a group invite from me. If the group is excessively large, I may select group leaders who will in turn select their groups. If there is no interest, then no big deal, we can all go about whatever we want to do. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and playing with whoever wants to join us!

    Other Info and Ideas
    If there are any shop owners interested in supporting this trip, and would like to offer sell shops upon out return, please feel free to advertise that here, or contact me ahead of time so that I can share the info. *note* This means actually having space to buy things, not just promoting your shop where your chests are already full. *

    If there are members of staff who would like to come or help out or who have ideas on how to make this idea better, please feel free to contact me so we can figure it out together. I don't need to have control over this activity, it's for the community!
  2. Bump. Anyone have early interest?
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  4. Awesome! Looking forward to it.
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