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  1. I have 8 Diamonds
    Starting Bid: 150 R
    Minimum Bid: 25 R
    Ends after 30 Mins After Last Bid
    Pick Up at: smp9 19107
    From Whom?: Creeper_Man9090
    No Lowball offers plz
  2. It is illegal to auction diamonds in this quantity.

    I would recommend reading the auction rules that clearly state in bold letters to read before you start an auction.

    Failure to do so could end up getting you banned from auctions and that is no fun at all :eek:
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  3. i do believe this is an invalid auction, but 150R
  4. Hey Creeper_Man, Just wanted to let you know that this auction is invalid. The rules state that if you are going to be auctioning off Diamonds/Emeralds anything similar to that it must be in quantities of a full Double Chest.

    I would re-read the auction rules before creating another auction in the future! Here is the link to the rules: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-auction-rules-read-before-posting.42009/
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  5. i dont a moderater told me what to do
  6. I have 2 stacks of diamond and I have been rationing since I joined. So no thank you.
  7. AW MAN sorry for wasting your time
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