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  1. I'm going to close the thread up at the end of the month, so two weeks from today. Get your items while you can!
    Here's what I got up for bartering:
    (NOTE: The items are not only in bulk! You can trade for only 1 if ya like.)


    x1 Vault Voucher
    x1 UNUSED Dashers
    x1 Stable Voucher
    x1 Momentus' Toothpick
    x1 Taste The Freedom Steak
    x25 Cooked Turkey
    x1 Whole New Starter Armor Set (Helm, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots) [Unbreaking III]
    x1 Whole New Starter Tool Set (Pickaxe, Sword, Shovel, Axe) [Unbreaking III]
    x26 Soulbound Torches

    Non-Promo Items:

    x1 Beacon
    x1 Name Tag
    x4 stacks of Prismarine
    x4 stacks of Prismarine Bricks
    x576 iron ingots
    x7 Gold Blocks
    x6 Gold ingots
    x20 Gold Ores
    x8 Lapiz Pieces
    x64 Diamonds
    x30 Emeralds
    x20 Potions of Strength II
    x20 Splash Potions of Poison
    x24 Wither Heads (LAST ONES!!!)
    x8 stacks of Ice Blocks

    These items are available at any reasonable increment. Don't be afraid to offer a trade!

    Common Items:

    x4 stacks of Gold Carrots
    Stone Tools*
    Iron Tools*
    Diamond Tools*
    x2 DCs of Eggs
    x8 stacks of Glass
    x4 Boats
    x6 stacks of Chiseled Stone Bricks (Circle Stone)
    x228 Stone
    x8 Buckets
    x4 Shears

    These items are also available at any reasonable increment!

    *Limit to 3 tools per trade! Don't expect a DC of Diamond Picks lol
    I will add more and update, as needed. Please post your trade offers here. Also, be reasonable. There's no way I'll give ya the promos for 2 chickens xD
    My "backstock" is essentially my personal promo collection or me going out and buying another one, just to clarify what I'm talking about lol
    Since there was a discrepancy in my post, here is my time frame:

    I work. Sorry, but I do. My schedule is ever-changing. I will definitely mail any trades if you aren't online. I just need time to, well, work. Please give me 1-48 hours after ANY trade agreement. I will make an access sign on one of the chests on front of my primary res ( on smp6, /v 12790) for you after agreeing, but the time frame still applies. :)
    Also, if I end up with a better offer before I have received your item(s), I will take the higher offer. I'll give you half an hour to beef up your bid. ^_^
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  2. Added more trades! Offer whatever you feel equates to the value of my item(s). ^_^
  3. I give 3 vault vouchers for chicken skewer and 4 vault vouchers for avalauncher, I can take either one of those or both of them.
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  4. Is this one of those projects where you start with a paper clip and keep trading it for other stuff until you've bought a house? Cause that would be awesome :p
    I have three DC's of dirt lying around at my place. What could you get me for that?
  5. Lets do the avalauncher trade. ^_^ I'll try to catch you online.

    Honestly, I didn't think of that lol I love the idea though. Hmmm... 3 DCs of dirt... How does a stack of gold carrots sound?
  6. Sounds like a deal :)

    Access chests are in front of my res on smp5, and you can put the carrots on my mailbox.
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  7. 2 successful trades! I have updated the OP with more promos!
  8. Can I trade one iron block for " the taste of freedom"
  9. Lets doo it! I'm online now =)
  10. I won't be online for 6hours but if u want you can mail it and I will send the iron
  11. I'll wait for you to get online. No offense, but I prefer a secure transaction. ;)
  12. Sure. But I never steal. ( I will get on later )
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  13. What do u want for the beacon?
  14. Hmm.... in a good market, they go for 20k. I suppose 80 Diamonds would suffice. ^_^
  15. 2 beacons for the super dragon poop?
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  16. Hmmm..... Throw in 12 diamonds or 8 emeralds and we have a deal. :)
  17. So three chickens...
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  18. Deal, when will ya be on?
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