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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, May 14, 2012.

  1. Before I start bare this in mind: I know nothing about Java or coding so please don't spam me if this is impossible.

    Anyway: we all know that spamming, ALL CAPS, too much punctuation and swearing is against the rules (provided you've had sense to read the Empire guide or the EMC Wiki - shameless plug). I've read somewhere that JustinGuy is creating a client for EMC to, among other things, stop unauthorized mods being installed. I've also read somewhere that the server would probably explode if the chat was constantly being scanned for rule breaks.

    Then my brain went *ding*. Well, actually it was more of a *pop* and I got brain-freeze since I eating ice cream but meh. Why not do the chat filtering client side? And if the chat breaks the rules then just refuse to send it to the server, which in theory would cut down on the number of reports.

    Does anyone think this would work?

    EDIT: Just wanted to make this REALLY obvious:
    Client Side: Done on YOUR computer.
    Server Side: Done on the SERVER
  2. The system already does this with spam, but it's not filtered clientside. If it were, I'm sure it would increase lag, what with the server having to filter every single chat message.
  3. Sure, SYSTEM filters it but it doesn't filter everything, only repeat messages (think its 5 messages in 10 secs?). And what I'm suggesting wouldn't increase server lag since everything is done client side.
  4. You really think people are going to willingly install a client-side mod that restricts their chat privileges?
  5. No, but Justin has talked about a client. If this was implemented into the client along with all the other amazing stuff then it would make sense.
  6. I still don't really love this idea as it is being presented. How would the client tell what is inappropriate caps? Like Edmund stated in a different thread a while back, if asked to list government agencies, one would reply, "FBI, CIA, NSA, USN, etc." Those may be excessive caps by some people's standards, but they are not inappropriate in any way relative to the situation. How would the client-filtering-system differentiate between cases like that and others?
  7. I'll use CAPS as an example. What could be done is put certain rules In such as if the message contains 4 letters or more and every letter is in CAPS. If the message matched these rules then it simply wouldn't be sent and the person will receive a notification telling them so.

    Admittidly, your point is a good one. What could be done to combat that is to whitelist certain words.
  8. Edmund's point. I have to give him credit for that. But how would the whitelist work? Say someone start screaming about the FBI out of context so they could use caps?
  9. Too much effort for too little a reward. The solution is more scrupulous enforcement of the rules.
  10. Fair enough. :)
  11. For example: 'I'M IN THE FBI' wouldn't go through but 'I'm in the FBI' would.